Phone & Video on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Google Talk Features for Samsung Galaxy Tab

Google Talk features on the Samsung Galaxy Tab allow you to instantly chat with friends anywhere in the world, whether they are accessing their Google Talk accounts from a computer or another mobile device [more…]

How to Use Google Talk Voice and Video Chat

When you want more than just a text chat with a friend, Google Talk offers voice and video chat options on your Galaxy Tab. Just touch the Voice or Video button on the right side of the text chat window [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Get a Skype Account

Perhaps the most versatile app for converting the phoneless Galaxy Tab into a phone is Skype. It’s one of the most popular Internet communications programs, allowing you to text, voice, or video chat with [more…]

How to Get Skype for the Galaxy Tab

Your Galaxy Tab doesn’t come with Skype software preinstalled. To get Skype, saunter on over to the Android Market and download the app.

After installing Skype on your Tab, follow these steps to get started [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Add Skype Contacts

Text, voice, and video chat on Skype over the Internet are free. If you can use a Wi-Fi connection from your Galaxy Tab, you can chat without incurring a loss of your cellular plan’s data quota. Before [more…]

Galaxy Tab Skype: Status and Text Chat Functions

Basic functions on the Galaxy Tab’s version of Skype only connect you with other Skype users. These are free to use with your Skype account. Of these, the most basic functions use only text, not audio [more…]

How to Use Skype to Chat on Galaxy Tab

Perhaps the number-one reason for getting Skype is to transmogrify your Galaxy Tab into a phone. The trick works: As long as your pal has a Skype account, you can chat it up all you want, using the Tab [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Make a Skype Phone Call

Voice chat is okay on Skype, and it comes a close second to the real thing: making a phone call on your Galaxy Tab. Yep, you can use Skype to call any phone number on the planet, but most easily you can [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Text with Skype

One other cell phone–like thing you can do with Skype on your Galaxy Tab is to send a text message. If you have a teenager or are one, you recognize that text messaging is perhaps the only way young people [more…]

The Galaxy Note Home Screens

The main screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note is called the Home screen. You can have as many as seven Home screen panels to organize your apps and widgets, as illustrated here: [more…]

The Galaxy Note Soft Buttons

The Samsung Galaxy Note features four soft buttons, which you will use to carry out common everyday tasks. These soft buttons are found below the touchscreen. Here's how each of them let you navigate your [more…]

Galaxy Note Touchscreen Operations

You can perform several basic actions on your Samsung Galaxy Note's touchscreen. It's simply a matter of teaching your fingers to do what you want them to do, but you'll be an old pro in no time.. [more…]

Galaxy Note S Pen Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy Note's S pen works like your finger on the touchscreen, but with one advantage: it’s more precise. Press and hold the S Pen button to activate different features of your Galaxy Note: [more…]

Galaxy Note Things to Remember

The Samsung Galaxy Note is so powerful and multifunctional that it can seem overwhelming. Keep this assortment of handy, time-saving tricks in mind to boost your Galaxy Note productivity [more…]

Galaxy Note Help and Support

As great and useful as technologies like the Samsung Galaxy Note are, there's always a chance of a malfunction, a frozen app, or a hungry dog with a taste for handhelds. If you ever find yourself in truly [more…]

Buying or Renting a Video on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK can work as a handheld movie or television player, and can output most of that material to a larger television screen. NOOK Video offers two ways to obtain video material: streaming [more…]

Managing and Syncing Video on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

If you purchase video content from the NOOK Store, you are allowed to view that content on as many as five different devices. What does that mean? If you happen to own two NOOKs, you can watch the same [more…]

Showing Your Own Movies on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

One of the beauties of your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK is that you don’t need tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to produce a picture or a movie. And the magic of digital video means you can point, shoot, [more…]

Making Movies on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

The standard setting for the rear camera is high (or normal) resolution. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK uses the MP4 file format for videos. Note, too, that video files can be quite large; a 10-second [more…]

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