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How to Use the Galaxy Tab Camera

The Galaxy Tab isn’t the world’s best camera. But your Galaxy Tab is an incredible gizmo that does many things. One of those things is to take pictures. Picture-taking duties on your Galaxy Tab are handled [more…]

How to Adjust Galaxy Tab Camera Settings

The camera on the Galaxy Tab has many settings, just like a normal camera. To get the best quality picture, you can adjust the flash settings and the resolution of the image. [more…]

How to Crop Photos in the Galaxy Tab Gallery

One of the few, true image-editing commands available in the Galaxy Tab Gallery app is Crop. You can use Crop to slice out portions of an image, such as when removing ex-spouses and convicts from a family [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Take Specialty Photos

Sometimes you want to take more than just a normal photo. The Galaxy Tab has settings to allow you to take a self-portrait or a panoramic shot. [more…]

Special Samsung Galaxy Tab Camera Options

Because it is part of a tablet, the Galaxy Tab’s camera can add special features to the photos it takes, such as setting a GPS location of the photo and adding special effects to photos on the spot. [more…]

How to Record Video Using Your Galaxy Tab

When the action is hot — when you need to capture more than a moment— you switch the Galaxy Tab camera into Video mode, where you can record video and audio to your Galaxy Tab. [more…]

How to Adjust Galaxy Tab Video Settings

The settings you use to shoot video on your Samsung Galaxy Tab create the overall quality of the video. Of particular importance are the resolution and light settings. [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Record Yourself and Share Video

The Galaxy Tab’s forward-facing camera allows you to record yourself, and its camera app allows you to upload and share videos to the internet or directly to individuals through email. [more…]

Galaxy Tab: Images in the Gallery

There’s no point in the Samsung Galaxy Tab having a camera unless it has a place to store pictures. That’s the Gallery app, which you can use to view, manage, and manipulate the images you take using the [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Look at Albums, Pictures, and Video

The Galaxy Tab Gallery app enables you to look at or watch any pictures or videos you have taken with your Galaxy Tab camera or downloaded to the Gallery app. [more…]

How to Find a Galaxy Tab Picture’s Location

When you snap a picture, the Samsung Galaxy Tab can save your location. This information is obtained from the Tab’s GPS, the same tool used to find your location on a map. In fact, you can use the GPS [more…]

How to Assign an Image on Samsung Galaxy Tab

On the Galaxy Tab, pictures can be used for more than just viewing in the Gallery app. You can assign pictures you have taken or imported to be images used for your contacts or wallpaper on your Tab. [more…]

How to Associate a Picture with a Contact on Galaxy Tab

You can set any image on the Samsung Galaxy Tab for a contact. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an image you’ve taken with the Galaxy Tab; any image you find in the Gallery app will do. Follow these steps [more…]

The Galaxy Tab Music Library

The primary source of your musical joy on the Galaxy Tab is an app aptly named Music. You can find that app on the Apps Menu, or there may be a handy shortcut right on the main Home screen. [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Delete Photos and Videos

It’s entirely possible, and often desirable, to remove unwanted, embarrassing, or questionably legal images and videos from the galaxy Tab Gallery. To zap a single image, summon the image on the screen [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Rotate Photos

Which way is up? Well, the answer depends on your situation. For taking pictures with the Galaxy Tab, sometimes images just don’t appear “up,” no matter how you turn the Tab. To fix that situation, heed [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Access Your Picasa Account

Part of your Google account that you use with your Galaxy Tab includes access to the online photo-sharing website, Picasa Web. If you haven’t yet been to the Picasa website on the Internet, use your computer [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Print Your Pictures

A trick you wouldn’t expect to find on a portable gizmo is the ability to print your lovely photos. The Galaxy Tab is more than up to the task, if you have a Bluetooth printer and you’ve survived the ordeal [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Post Your Video to YouTube

The best way to share a video from your Galaxy Tab is to upload it to YouTube. As a Google account holder, you also have a YouTube account. You can use the YouTube app on the Galaxy Tab along with your [more…]

Galaxy Tab: How to Use the Share Menu

Occasionally, you stumble across the Share command when working with photos and videos in the Galaxy Tab Gallery app. This command is used to distribute images and videos from your Galaxy Tab to your pals [more…]

Camera Settings on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

If you’re into making minor adjustments for your pictures, check out the Camera Settings on your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK. The options vary depending on which camera you’re using, and sometimes on the mode you’re [more…]

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