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Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tabs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab present the latest solution to the problem of carrying around multiple electronics. These tablets offer so many features that gentle hand-holding and careful [more…]

10 Addictive Games for Your Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab

Yes, the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab make fine tools for handling the hectic schedule of a digital life. You can send e-mail, engage in social networking, snap photos, take notes, browse the web, read books [more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet: Working with Folders on the Apps Screen

Not only can you organize apps into folders on the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can also build folders of apps on the Apps screen. Creating a folder, adding apps, [more…]

Creating Albums in the Gallery on Your Samsung Galaxy Note or Galaxy Tab

The Gallery app in the Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy Tab seems to have a mind of its own when it comes to creating photo albums. Don't fear that app because you believe it has some hideous intelligence [more…]

Using Google Drive to Synchronize Files between a Galaxy Tablet and a PC

One solution for synchronizing files between your Samsung Galaxy tablet and a computer is to use Google Drive. It's yet another free service offered by Google, providing online, or Cloud, storage. Files [more…]

4 Ways to Type on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Typing on a Samsung Galaxy tablet? That device takes some getting used to because its keys are merely flat rectangles on a touchscreen. If this concept doesn’t drive you nuts, typing on a tablet is something [more…]

How to Insert and Remove a MicroSD Card in Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

You can easily expand your Samsung Galaxy tablet's storage capacity by installing a microSD card. The card stores photos, music, and other information, supplementing the tablet's internal storage. You [more…]

How to Set Up Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The folks who sold you the Samsung Galaxy tablet may have already done some configuration before you left the store. That's great if it happened, but not terrible if it didn't. A cellular [more…]

How to Find Your Way Around the Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Many interesting and useful items festoon the front, back, and perimeter of your Samsung Galaxy tablet. Different tablets place some features in different locations, however, as shown by the horizontal [more…]

How to Charge the Battery on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

One of the first things it is recommended you do with your Samsung Galaxy tablet is give the battery a full charge. This is a simple procedure, but a vital one. [more…]

7 Accessories for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

You can find a galaxy of accessories for your Samsung Galaxy tablet. The following seven accessories are some of most frequently used. There are many more accessories than covered in this list. [more…]

How to Turn On Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet (for the First Time)

The very, very first time your Samsung Galaxy tablet is turned on is a special event because setup and configuration takes place. You need to do this procedure only once. [more…]

Basics of Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Locks

To turn on your Samsung Galaxy tablet, press and hold down the Power Lock key. After a few seconds, you see the tablet’s start-up logo and then some hypnotic animation. The tablet is coming to life. [more…]

How to Obtain and Add a Google Account to Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Although it’s possible to use your Samsung Galaxy tablet without a Google account, you’d be missing out on a buncha features. So if you don’t already have one, drop everything and follow these steps to [more…]

How to Lock Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Security is an important feature on any electronic device, especially one like your Samsung Galaxy tablet. To lock the Galaxy tablet, simply press the Power Lock key. The touchscreen goes dark; the tablet [more…]

Basic Operations of Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet: The Touchscreen and Screen Orientation

The first steps toward learning how to manipulate your Samsung Galaxy tablet are truly simple. Unfortunately, however, the terminology is most definitely not as simple. [more…]

How to Control the Volume on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Like the story of Goldilocks and the three bears, sometimes the volume on your Samsung Galaxy tab is too loud. Sometimes it’s too soft. And rarely, it’s just right. Finding that just-right level is the [more…]

How to Review Notifications on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

Notifications appear as icons at the top left of the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy tab. To review them, you pull down the notifications shade by dragging your finger downward from the top-left part [more…]

Basics of Your Samsung Galaxy Tab’s S Pen

To use the S Pen, slide it out of the Samsung Galaxy tablet’s case: Grab the cap and yank the thing out. If the tablet is locked, pulling out the S Pen unlocks the tablet. You’ll still have to work the [more…]

How to Use Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Onscreen Keyboard

The Samsung Galaxy tablet’s onscreen keyboard reveals itself on the bottom half of the screen. If you find that keyboard comforting, you’re getting ahead of yourself. That’s because the keyboard may change [more…]

How to Access Special Keyboard Symbols on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

With your Samsung Galaxy tablet, you’re not limited to typing only the symbols you see on the alphabetic keyboard. The onscreen keyboard has many more symbols available, which you can see by touching the [more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tablets: Launch an App, Access Widgets, and Make Quick Settings

Your Samsung Galaxy tablet's life isn't difficult, as long as you know how to do some basic duties on the Home screen: start an app, access widgets, and work with Quick Settings. [more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab: How to Use the App Screen

The icons you see on the Home screen don't represent all the apps in your Samsung Galaxy tablet. Those icons aren't even apps themselves; they're shortcuts. To see all installed apps, you must visit the [more…]

Basics of Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Home Screen

One of the first things you see when powering on your Samsung Galaxy tablet is the Home screen. The main Home screen is illustrated below, but it will change as you add more widgets. This article takes [more…]

How to Use Common Buttons and Icons on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Below the Samsung Galaxy tab’s touchscreen, and to the left and right of the Home key, are two popular touch buttons, each adorned with its own icon. These buttons are used to control not only the Home [more…]


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