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What Do I Do with My Galaxy Tab when….?

Usually your Samsung Galaxy Tab will just keep on keepin’ on without a hitch. But now and then, it can stop working — sometimes for no apparent reason. These are some quick hints for the annoying things [more…]

How to Stop Unneeded Services on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

Some things may be going on in your Galaxy Tab that you don’t need or even suspect. These activities include the monitoring of information, apps that update, or tiny programs that check on the device’s [more…]

How to Add Settings Shortcuts to the Galaxy Tab Home Screen

Unlike Android cell phones, the Galaxy Tab seems to lack a handy way to get to the Settings app screen. It’s not that you need to get there often, but having a speedy way to do so can really help, especially [more…]

How to Create a Contact Screen Shortcut on the Galaxy Tab

The people you contact most often are deserving of their own contact shortcuts on the Galaxy Tab Home screen. You just don’t realize how useful such a thing is until you have one. [more…]

Applications to Help You Find a Lost Galaxy Tab

Someday you may lose your Samsung Galaxy Tab. It might be for a panic-filled few seconds, or it might be for forever. The hardware solution is to weld a heavy object to the Tab, such as a bowling ball [more…]

Ten Things to Remember about Using the Galaxy Tab

For your Samsung Galaxy Tab, there are some things that are definitely worth remembering. Out of the long, long list, here are ten of the best ones. [more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Apps to Capture Your Thoughts With

When you are on the go with your Samsung Galaxy Tab, it is handy to have some tools to capture your thoughts while you are out and about. Otherwise, you may forget them by the time you get back to home [more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Apps to Keep You Entertained

Your Samsung Galaxy Tab can keep you entertained on the go, in the office, or at home. There are tons of entertainment apps available at the Android Market [more…]

Utility Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

Utility apps for your Samsung Galaxy Tab just make the Tab more useful, easier to use, or a little more pleasant to use. For example, a barcode scanner makes the Tab more useful, Gesture Search makes searching [more…]

Avoid Android Viruses on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab

How can you tell which apps are legitimate and which might be viruses or evil apps that do odd things to your phone? Well, you can’t. In fact, most people can’t, because most evil apps don’t advertise [more…]

How to Change Music on Your Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Music app allows you to categorize your music by playlists. Yet, sometimes you want to change the songs on these playlists or remove music from your Galaxy Tab altogether. Both of [more…]

How to Create Your Own Galaxy Tab Playlists

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Music app categorizes your music by album, artist, song, and so forth, but unless you have only one album and enjoy all the songs on it, that configuration probably won’t do. To [more…]

The Galaxy Note Home Screens

The main screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note is called the Home screen. You can have as many as seven Home screen panels to organize your apps and widgets, as illustrated here: [more…]

The Galaxy Note Soft Buttons

The Samsung Galaxy Note features four soft buttons, which you will use to carry out common everyday tasks. These soft buttons are found below the touchscreen. Here's how each of them let you navigate your [more…]

Galaxy Note Touchscreen Operations

You can perform several basic actions on your Samsung Galaxy Note's touchscreen. It's simply a matter of teaching your fingers to do what you want them to do, but you'll be an old pro in no time.. [more…]

Galaxy Note S Pen Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy Note's S pen works like your finger on the touchscreen, but with one advantage: it’s more precise. Press and hold the S Pen button to activate different features of your Galaxy Note: [more…]

Galaxy Note Things to Remember

The Samsung Galaxy Note is so powerful and multifunctional that it can seem overwhelming. Keep this assortment of handy, time-saving tricks in mind to boost your Galaxy Note productivity [more…]

Galaxy Note Help and Support

As great and useful as technologies like the Samsung Galaxy Note are, there's always a chance of a malfunction, a frozen app, or a hungry dog with a taste for handhelds. If you ever find yourself in truly [more…]

Marketing Your E-Book

Though some authors shy away from the task of marketing, many eventually consider it an enjoyable and rewarding part of being a writer. You can promote your e-book in many ways: [more…]

Online Tools for Publishing Your E-Book

Plenty of sites have tools to help you become a self-publishing author. Here are some sites that you may want to use during the e-book publishing process: [more…]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet: Working with Folders on the Apps Screen

Not only can you organize apps into folders on the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy Tab, you can also build folders of apps on the Apps screen. Creating a folder, adding apps, [more…]

Using Google Drive to Synchronize Files between a Galaxy Tablet and a PC

One solution for synchronizing files between your Samsung Galaxy tablet and a computer is to use Google Drive. It's yet another free service offered by Google, providing online, or Cloud, storage. Files [more…]

4 Ways to Type on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Typing on a Samsung Galaxy tablet? That device takes some getting used to because its keys are merely flat rectangles on a touchscreen. If this concept doesn’t drive you nuts, typing on a tablet is something [more…]

How to Insert and Remove a MicroSD Card in Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

You can easily expand your Samsung Galaxy tablet's storage capacity by installing a microSD card. The card stores photos, music, and other information, supplementing the tablet's internal storage. You [more…]

How to Set Up Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The folks who sold you the Samsung Galaxy tablet may have already done some configuration before you left the store. That's great if it happened, but not terrible if it didn't. A cellular [more…]

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