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How to Activate Bluetooth on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Computer nerds have long had the desire to connect high-tech gizmos to one another, such as connecting your Samsung Galaxy tablet to a printer. The Bluetooth standard was developed to sate this desire [more…]

3 Things that Consume Lots of Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Battery

Three items on your Samsung Galaxy tablet suck down battery power faster than a massive alien fleet is defeated by a plucky antihero who just wants the girl: [more…]

How to BackupYour Samsung Galaxy Tablet

A backup is a safety copy of information. For your Samsung Galaxy tablet, the backup copy includes contact information, music, photos, video, and apps, plus any settings you’ve made to customize your tablet [more…]

2 Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Relax. Maintenance for your Samsung Galaxy tablet is simple and quick. Basically, it can be summarized in three words: Keep it clean. Beyond that, another maintenance task worthy of attention is backing [more…]

How to Monitor the Battery for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

You can find information about the Samsung Galaxy tablet’s battery status in the upper-right corner of the screen, next to the current time in the status area. The icons used to display battery status [more…]

How to Determine What Drains Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Battery

The Samsung Galaxy tablet is smart enough to know which of its features use the most battery power. You can check it out for yourself: [more…]

How to Extend Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Battery Life

A surefire way to make a Samsung Galaxy tablet battery last a good long time is to never turn on the device in the first place. But rather than let you use your Samsung Galaxy tablet as an expensive paperweight [more…]

How to Use the Cellular Data Network for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The cellular Samsung Galaxy tablet is designed to connect to the Internet by using the digital cellular network. This network is the same type used by smartphones and cellular modems to wirelessly connect [more…]

How to Place an App on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Favorite Tray

Lots of interesting doodads festoon your Samsung Galaxy tablet’s Home screen, like bugs on a windshield after a long trip. You can set the background, add an icon or a widget, and rearrange everything [more…]

How to Fix Typical Problems on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Here are some typical problems you may encounter on your Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy tablet and here are some suggestions for a solution: [more…]

How to Stop an App That Has Run Amok on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Sometimes, apps on your Samsung Galaxy tablet that misbehave let you know. You see a warning on the screen announcing the app’s stubborn disposition. When that happens, touch the Force Quit button to shut [more…]

How to Get Support for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

You can use two sources for support for your Samsung Galaxy tablet. For cellular tablets, the first source of support is your cellular provider. The second source, or the only source if you have a Wi-Fi [more…]

How to Add Widgets to the Lock Screen of Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Just as you can adorn the Home screen of your Samsung Galaxy tablet with widgets, you can also slap down a few right on the lock screen. In fact, the time display on the tablet’s lock screen is a widget [more…]

Basic Smart Screen Tricks for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Some Samsung Galaxy tablets feature a slew of Smart Screen tricks. These tricks greatly increase your fear of the device by making it frighteningly smarter than you would otherwise think. [more…]

How to Activate Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Daydream Feature

Does a Samsung Galaxy tablet fall asleep or does it just lock? A locked tablet seems rather restrictive, so you may prefer to think of the tablet as taking a snooze. But does it dream? Of course it does [more…]

How to Add Shortcuts to Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Home Screen

Don’t bother looking: You won’t find a something called a “shortcut” to add to the Samsung Galaxy tablet’s Home screen. Older versions of the Android operating system had such a feature. Today, you apply [more…]

How to Unblock the Offensive Words Option for Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet’s Dictation

Although not many people use the Samsung Galaxy tablet’s dictation option, it can be handy. And some of the things you dictate may be considered censored. Whether or not you use it, you might notice that [more…]

How to Turn Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet into a Remote for Your TV

One cool feature located on your Samsung Galaxy tablet’s edge is an infrared remote. It’s a dark, glassy area about the size of a grain of rice. You can use that infrared hardware and the WatchON app as [more…]

How to Use the Task Manager on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

One app that seems to be missing from the Samsung Galaxy tablet is a task manager app. One may be added in the future, but until then you have a handy substitute. To view running apps on your tablet, follow [more…]

How to Check Data Usage on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Whether you have a Wi-Fi-only Samsung Galaxy tablet or one that can also access the mobile data network, you can use the Data Usage screen to check Internet activity and even control how much data is sent [more…]

How to Set an Image as Wallpaper on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

You can choose any picture that’s viewable in the Gallery as the Samsung Galaxy tablet’s Home screen wallpaper. You can assign a different image for use as the lock screen wallpaper. Or you can use the [more…]

How to Access Multiple Home Screens on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The main base from which you begin exploration of your Samsung Galaxy Note or Samsung Galaxy tablet is the Home screen. It’s the first thing you see after unlocking the tablet, and the place you go to [more…]

How to Use Gmail and E-Mail on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Electronic mail is handled by two apps on your tablet: Gmail and Email. The Gmail app hooks directly into your Google Gmail account. It’s a copy of all the Gmail you send, receive, and archive, just as [more…]

How to Create an E-Mail Signature on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

It is highly recommended that you create a custom e-mail signature for sending messages from your Samsung Galaxy tablet. It is an easy thing to set up. Here’s an example of a signature from a tablet: [more…]

How to Set Up a Primary E-Mail Account on Your Samsung Galaxy Tablet

To help keep you electronically connected, the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy tablet feature the capability to collect and send your electronic missives. You can read and compose missives just [more…]

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