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Samsung Galaxy S 4's Google Latitude

The Samsung Galaxy S 4's Maps application can let you know where you are, but there are also situations where either you want your location to be shared with others or others insist on knowing where you [more…]

Office Apps on the Samsung Galaxy S 4

When you pick up your Galaxy S 4 phone, you are holding as much computing power as was available in a high-end laptop five years ago and a graphics processor that would have made a hard-core gamer envious [more…]

Create Office Files on Your Galaxy S 4

You can obtain Polaris Office Mobile Viewer for your Samsung Galaxy S 4from the Play Store for free if it's not already installed on your phone. This Office app lets you create, read, and edit documents [more…]

Send an Office File from Your Galaxy S 4

After an Office file is saved on your Galaxy S 4, it’s safe to send it to your home PC or to another PC. When you’re ready to e-mail the document to your PC or another PC, do the following: [more…]

Galaxy S 4: Manage Office Documents

Regardless of how you send an Office file to or from your Galaxy S 4, the creation and editing steps are the same. Although you don’t have full access to all the editing tools you find for any of the applications [more…]

Syncing Calendars on Your Galaxy S 4

The Galaxy S 4 phone Calendar functions are cool and powerful, and they can make your life easier. And with just a few taps, you can bring all your electronic calendars together to keep your life synchronized [more…]

Reset the Galaxy S 4 Calendar Sync Frequency

The way to adjust the frequency with which your Galaxy S 4 syncs depends on the kind of account that is providing a calendar. The good news is that all of these accounts are stored in one place: the Accounts [more…]

Display Options for the Galaxy S 4 Calendar

In addition to the default display option for the Galaxy S 4 Calendar, you can set other personal preferences, shown in this figure, for the calendar on your phone. To get to the settings for the calendar [more…]

Create and Edit Events on the Samsung Galaxy S 4

An important step in using a calendar when mobile, as on your Galaxy S 4, is creating an event. It is even more important to make sure that it ends up on the right calendar. Here are the steps to make [more…]

Schedule Separate and Private Events on Your Galaxy S 4

When you have multiple calendars stored in one place (in this case, your Galaxy S 4), you might get confused when you want to add a new event. It can be even more confusing when you need to add the real [more…]

About Music on the Samsung Galaxy S 4

Most smartphones have built-in digital music players; your Samsung Galaxy S 4 is no exception. Having a single device that you can use as a phone and as a source of music is quite convenient because then [more…]

Choose Your Headset for Your Galaxy S 4

You can use wired or wireless (Bluetooth) headsets with your Samsung Galaxy S 4 phone. Wired headsets are less expensive than Bluetooth headsets, and of course, wired headsets don’t need charging, as do [more…]

Buy Music for Your Galaxy S 4

The Music Player app on the Samsung Galaxy S 4 allows you to play music and audio files. The first step is to obtain music and audio files for your phone. [more…]

Connect Your Galaxy S 4 to Your Stereo or TV

You can connect your Galaxy S 4 phone to your stereo. You can also connect your phone to your TV. There are distinct approaches to connection if you are connecting just audio to your stereo or audio and [more…]

Galaxy S 4: About Licensing Your Multimedia Files

When you want to listen to music or watch video with integrity on your Galaxy S 4, you need to pay the artist. Many low-cost options are suitable for any budget. Depending upon how much you plan to listen [more…]

About Using GPS on Your Samsung Galaxy S 4

Having a GPS map on your Samsung Galaxy S 4 is a very handy tool. At the most basic level, you can ask your phone to show you a map for where you plan to go. This is convenient, but only a small part of [more…]

Getting Started Using Maps on the Galaxy S 4

The kind of mapping application that’s easiest to understand on your Galaxy S 4 is one that you open the application, and it presents a local map. Depending upon the model of your phone, you will have [more…]

Galaxy S 4: Change Your Map Scale

Using your map application on your Samsung Galaxy S 4, you can change the map scale as needed. A resolution of one square mile will work under some circumstances to help you get oriented in an unfamiliar [more…]

Find a Place Nearby on Your Galaxy S 4

Your Galaxy S 4 Maps application is set up to find what you’re most likely to seek. Most searches for services fall into relatively few categories. By tapping the Local icon, you’re offered a quick way [more…]

Get Directions on Your Galaxy S 4 Map

You probably want to get directions from your Samsung Galaxy S 4 map application. You can get directions in a number of ways, including [more…]

How to Take a Picture with Your Galaxy S 4

Before you can take a picture with the , you have to open the Camera app. The easiest way is to simply access the Camera application from the Application list. Just tap the Camera icon to launch the app [more…]

Play Store Games for the Galaxy S 4

The Games category of Play Store for the Galaxy S 4 (shown in this figure) is huge, and it includes everything from simple puzzles to simulated violence. All games involve various combinations of intellect [more…]

Choose a New Game for Your Galaxy S 4

Games are the most popular kind of download for the Samsung Galaxy and smartphones of all kinds. In spite of the focus on business productivity, socializing, and making your life simpler, games outpace [more…]

Leave Feedback on Games for the Galaxy S 4

When you come in to the Play Store looking for games for your Galaxy S 4, remember your best path to finding a good purchase is to read the reviews of those who have gone before you. Although more than [more…]

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 Super AMOLED Screen

All Samsung Galaxy S 4 phones have a Super AMOLED screen. Here is what makes this so good — and what makes you so smart for having bought this Samsung Galaxy S 4 phone. [more…]


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