Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies Extras

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Both a phone and a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gives you a roomy screen, the ability to draw pictures, connectivity, and a wealth of Android phone applications. This Cheat Sheet provides you with [more…]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Phone Call Options

The Call Settings screen, found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's Settings app, offers options, switches, and features that can customize otherwise dreary phone duties. To get started, visit the Call Settings [more…]

Formatting Your E-Mail on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Email app on the Galaxy Note 3 features a formatting toolbar. You can use the toolbar to create e-mail messages with more than just plain text.

Here are some general icons to get familiar with: [more…]

Camera App Shooting Modes on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note's Camera app Mode button offers creative features, special effects, and shooting options. Use those modes to create more than just simple snapshots and videos. [more…]

Synchronize Photos on Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Dropbox

The key to photo sharing is to transfer items from your Galaxy Note to your computer or the Internet, and the Dropbox app can help. The Dropbox app features a photo synchronization option that you may [more…]

10 Free Apps for Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Here are ten free apps from the 500,000+ apps available at the Google Play Store. Heed these suggestions, and don't wait to get started with apps on your Galaxy Note. [more…]

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