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The Secret NOOK Simple Touch Web Browser

Both the NOOK Simple Touch and the NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight had a simple Web browser when they were first released in 2011 and 2012. Not that you would know it was there, though: the browser was [more…]

NOOK Color eReader LCD Touchscreens

The screen on the NOOK Color eReader has three important attributes: it is a flat liquid-crystal display (LCD), it is capable of producing as many as 16 million subtly different colors, and it responds [more…]

Your NOOK Color eReader's Custom USB Cable

Your NOOK Color eReader comes with a custom USB cable. Why not just the standard USB cables you can purchase with other electronic devices? First of all, there is a wide variety of possible connectors [more…]

NOOK eReader Storage Capacity

The NOOK Simple Touch comes with 2GB of internal memory, and the NOOK Color includes a whopping 8GB, with some of that memory reserved for Barnes & Noble content. Considering that a typical book is less [more…]

Expand Your NOOK eReader with a microSD or microSDHC Card

The microSD or microSDHC card used in your NOOK eReader can store as much reading material as you could possibly need — up to approximately 32,000 average-size books or millions of pages of documents from [more…]

How Does E Ink Work on Your NOOK eReader?

The concept behind E Ink, which creates the words on your NOOK screen (except for the NOOK Color), came out of the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts, all the way back in 1997. The display consists [more…]

What You Can Do with an Unregistered NOOK

Owning and operating an unregistered NOOK is a bit like having an unregistered car in your garage. You can play around with it, try out some of its features, but you can’t take it out on the road. Here’s [more…]

NOOK eReader Library Synchronization

As soon as you, your NOOK, and the Barnes & Noble website are married, the electronic reader will download a copy of the list of titles in your online digital library. From that point on, the NOOK will [more…]

The NOOK eReader Virtual Keyboard

Don’t expect a NOOK eReader virtual keyboard to win in a speed competition against a physical keyboard. There are a couple of reasons for this: [more…]

NOOK File Formats: EPUB and PDF

The NOOK Color and the NOOK Simple Touch work with files created using one of two eBook formats: EPUB or PDF. Formatted booksrefer to manuscripts that have been set in type with an attractive and logical [more…]

What Exactly Is Reflowable Text?

Text is reflowable, like what appears on your NOOK eReader, when a sentence reaches the end of the allotted space on the page and it wraps around to the next line. And when there is no more space for lines [more…]

The NOOK Color Apps

The NOOK Color is capable of making use of a number of apps that extend its functions. Although the underlying technology of the NOOK Color (both hardware and software) is not that different from a multipurpose [more…]

How to Read Barnes & Noble NOOK Content on Multiple Devices

One of the true beauties of owning a NOOK and having a Barnes & Noble account is the ability to access your library on multiple devices that are linked to that account. You can purchase a book from your [more…]

Security Protocols the NOOK eReader Recognizes

The NOOK Color and NOOK Simple Touch devices recognize and support the most commonly used WiFi security protocols, listed in a rough order of strength of security: [more…]

Bookmark Web Pages on Your NOOK Color eReader

You can set bookmarks to your favorite web pages on your NOOK Color. To bookmark the current page using the Bookmarks (or Favorites) button within the browser, tap the star icon at the top of the browser [more…]

How to Make Your NOOK eReader Library Private

When you allow someone to become your NOOK friend, you are — by default — allowing them to see any and all of the lendable books in your Barnes & Noble account. That might be just fine with you, or you [more…]

Using Wi-Fi Networks with Your NOOK eReader

There are Wi-Fi systems all around you. You might even have one in your home, connecting your computer, NOOK, and other electronic devices. Here are the most common types: [more…]

How to Sort and View Items on Your NOOK eReader

No matter what items you want to sort, view, and ultimately read on your NOOK eReader (Color or Simple Touch), the process is about the same. [more…]

How to Install a Memory Card in Your NOOK eReader

The slot for the microSD or microSDHC card on your NOOK eReader is accessible without having to remove the back cover or perform any sort of unnatural gymnastics routines. Just take your time and be careful [more…]

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