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How to Test a NOOK Tablet Battery

Your NOOK Tablet’s lithium ion battery should deliver a nice charge for several years. If the battery fails during the standard one-year warranty period, you’ll have to send it in for repair. Get an idea [more…]

How to Fully Shut Down Your NOOK Tablet

You’re likely to be asked to turn off your NOOK Tablet in places like airplanes, hospitals, and laboratories. Follow the instructions of flight attendants, doctors, nurses, and anyone else who has a real [more…]

How to Care for the NOOK Tablet and Its Touchscreen

The NOOK is an electrical device. To keep it happy, keep it cool and dry. Also, keep the touchscreen clean, but be sure to use the right cleaners. [more…]

How to Improve Your NOOK Tablet Warranty

Your NOOK Tablet comes with a warranty. Don’t be shy about calling technical support or visiting a Barnes & Noble store and seeing their specialist for help. [more…]

How to Fix NOOK Tablet Wireless Issues

If your wireless network isn’t working properly with your NOOK Tablet, it may be a problem with the WiFi or it may be a problem with the NOOK Tablet’s connection to the WiFi signal. [more…]

How to Overcome NOOK Tablet’s E-mail Limitations

Although the NOOK Tablet’s built-in email application works quite well, it does have a few limitations when compared to a computer-based program (like Windows Mail) or a web-based program [more…]

Don’t Pay for Hard Copy and NOOK E-copies of Magazines and Newspapers

For people who travel a lot, one of the neatest things about the NOOK Tablet is the ability to read some of the same newspapers and magazines that are piling up on the desktop back home. But sometimes [more…]

How to Find Free Trial Apps for Your NOOK Tablet

The good news about the NOOK Tablet is that it can learn new tricks when you download and install small special-purpose programs called apps, as in applications. [more…]

To Root or Not to Root on the NOOK Tablet

The NOOK Tablet (whose older cousin is the NOOKcolor eReader, and whose closest competitor is the Amazon Kindle Fire) and dozens of other tablets all share one important element in common: They use the [more…]

Power Adapters for the NOOK Tablet

It is extraordinarily important to use the right power adapter with your NOOK Tablet. Substituting other power adapters for the one that came with your NOOK tablet [more…]

How to Update the Operating System on Your NOOK Tablet

The NOOK Tablet software may change because B&N needs to fix problems, or it wants to add new features. In most cases, the updates automatically get put on the tablet when you connect over WiFi to the [more…]

How to Make a Screen Capture on a NOOK Tablet

You won’t find it in the official NOOK Tablet user guide, but here’s how to grab a screen capture(also called a screenshot): Press the ∩ button and the - volume button [more…]

How to Reawaken a Dead NOOK Tablet

Okay, not really a dead unit. But some things can make a NOOK Tablet appear dead even when it isn’t ready for the recycle bin. The usual suspects look like the following. [more…]

How to Reset Your NOOK Tablet

If your NOOK Tablet becomes catatonic, you can perform a Vulcan mind meld — or as Barnes & Noble puts it, a reset.Resets come in two flavors. One is simple and benign [more…]

10 Steps to Maintaining the Galaxy Tablet 4 NOOK

You are now a guardian of the Galaxy. This exalted role, straight out of the pages of superhero comics, comes with some awesome and heavy responsibilities. [more…]

10 Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK Tips and Tricks

You may run into some bumps along the way with your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK. The following list of tips and tricks should smooth your way. [more…]

How to Write with Your Finger on a Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

Now for something completely beyond the ability of a computer keyboard. Your Galaxy tablet’s operating system can read words that you write. Keep reading to find out how to use the handwriting feature. [more…]

Using Google Voice on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

You can interact with your tablet in several ways. Try ordering your Tab S2 NOOK around by issuing verbal orders with Google Voice. This used to be the stuff of science fiction. “Open the pod bay doors [more…]

Using Voice Search on Your Galaxy Tab S2 NOOK

You can enter internet browsing requests by typing on the virtual keyboard or by handwriting entries on a character recognition panel on Your Tab S2 NOOK. But hear now, here’s something else: computer-assisted [more…]

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