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How to Disable and Re-Enable the NOOK Tablet Web Browser

Some users worry about leaving the door to the World Wide Web open on their NOOK Tablet. That might include parents who want to let the kids borrow the NOOK Tablet. [more…]

How to Set Up E-Mail Automatically on Your NOOK Tablet

Before you try to use the e-mail app on your NOOK Tablet, you have to set up an e-mail account with a provider (like Google for Gmail or your ISP). Once you have your username [more…]

How to Set Up E-mail Manually on Your NOOK Tablet

If automatic e-mail setup doesn’t work on your NOOK tablet, you can set up your Email app manually. You have to know the exact name of your provider’s e-mail server for sending and receiving. [more…]

How to Buy Apps from B&N

The NOOK Tablet can accept new programs that teach it new tricks: apps. An app (short for application) is a small software program. Where do you get apps? Well, in the case of the NOOK Tablet, [more…]

Wireless Settings on the NOOK Tablet

The Wireless Settings screen on the NOOK Tablet lets you turn WiFi on or off and it lists all the wireless networks your NOOK Tablet can find.

The system asks if you want it to reconnect to any other network [more…]

How to Access the Web Browser on Your NOOK Tablet

The NOOK Tablet lets you visit websites. The tablet’s web browser is relatively fast and can show movies, news, and music. (For those who need to know: It supports Adobe Flash Player.) [more…]

How to Mark Your Favorite Sites in the NOOK Tablet Web Browser

On the NOOK Tablet Web Browser, like on any browser, you can mark your favorite sites so you can easily get back to them. When you no longer need to reference that page, you can remove the favorite [more…]

How to Adjust the Type Size on Your NOOK Tablet Web Browser

The NOOK Tablet browser offers up five text sizes for website text. Keep in mind that choosing a larger text size will make it easier to read but means you’ll have to move around to see all the information [more…]

How to Change the Home Page on Your NOOK Tablet Web Browser

When you first use your NOOK Tablet’s web browser, the home page is the Barnes & Noble store, which is devoted to all things NOOK. You’re almost certainly going to want to return to there at some time, [more…]

How to Configure Web Privacy and Security on Your NOOK Tablet

For the sake of your own confidentiality, please pay attention to the privacy and security settings on your NOOK Tablet. Privacy settings let you clear web pages, cookies, and history stored on a NOOK [more…]

How to Adjust the Web Page Content Settings on Your NOOK Tablet

The NOOK Tablet’s browser has some features that not even the most advanced and costly tablets offer — among them, full-screen pages rather than the small versions aimed at smartphones. [more…]

How to Use E-mail on Your NOOK Tablet

The NOOK Tablet comes with e-mail that lets you send and receive from most other e-mail programs: an account you have set up on your own or a web-based e-mail service like Gmail. [more…]

How to Use Social Network Applications on Your NOOK Tablet

Your NOOK Tablet comes ready to work with some Facebook or Twitter features and you can import your contacts from a Google Gmail account. All of this, of course, requires that your NOOK Tablet be connected [more…]

Overview of Apps that Come with Your NOOK Tablet

Your NOOK Tablet runs the Android operating system. That’s a very good thing, because Android (developed by Google) has been adopted by a wide range of smartphones and tablets; because of that, lots of [more…]

Pandora: A Radio App for Your NOOK Tablet

But Pandora has opened another box and you can put it on your NOOK Tablet. Think of Pandora as your personal electronic disk jockey that starts with a few songs or artists you like and then finds music [more…]

Video for Your NOOK Tablet: Hulu Plus and Netflix

The NOOK Tablet’s high-resolution, full-color screen is quite capable as miniature TV, although the screen size is obviously more suited for solo watching up close. [more…]

How to Use the Music Player that Comes With NOOK Tablet

With the music player that comes with NOOK Tablet, you can play the music files that you’ve downloaded (or side loaded) to your NOOK Tablet. The NOOK plays most of the common file formats, including MIDI [more…]

10 Apps That Come with Your Tab 4 NOOK

This list looks at interesting and useful features that automatically come on your Tab 4 NOOK. Wade right in and see what else you can do with the Tab 4 NOOK as delivered. [more…]

Editing Photos without the Shop on the Tab 4 NOOK

The Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK camera is very basic, but it’s nevertheless a camera, and the photographer’s eye matters most. But even the best photographer needs to go into the darkroom — or now, the digital darkroom [more…]

Advanced Wi-Fi Settings on Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

The Wi-Fi system on your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK should function well as delivered, but there are some advanced settings you can use to adjust performance to meet your needs. [more…]

Wi-Fi Direct on Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

Wi-Fi Direct lets the Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK connect directly to each other without going through the router. For example, your tablet could connect to your smartphone and use its facilities. Or your smartphone [more…]

Bluetooth and Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

Another technology for direct wireless connection of devices is Bluetooth. It connects devices at a maximum distance of about 30 feet for simple tasks, a process called [more…]

The USB Connection for Your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is, simply said, a wiring scheme that carries data and electrical power. About the only thing you need to know is which end is up, and which end is micro. [more…]

Transferring Files via Email and the Cloud

Email and the cloud are two means of transferring files to and from your Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK. They both require an active Wi-Fi connection. [more…]

Manually Add Contacts to the Tab 4 NOOK Contacts App

If you already use Gmail and other Google apps, your contacts there automatically sync with your new Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK, provided that you use the same username. Just associate your NOOK with the Google [more…]


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