Nexus 7 Tips, Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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How to Set Up Your Nexus 7

The final act of setting up your Nexus 7 tablet is to tell it a bit about yourself. Specifically, you need to coordinate your Google account with the tablet. Doing so gives you mobile access to your Gmail [more…]

How to Set the Automatic Lock Time on Your Nexus 7

You can manually lock the Nexus 7 at any time by pressing the Power Lock button. When you don’t manually lock, the tablet automatically locks itself after a given period of inactivity. How long? That’s [more…]

How to Turn Off the Nexus 7

There are two ways to say goodbye to your Nexus 7. One option involves turning off your tablet. The other, more common option is to use the lock out function. The main difference is that your tablet will [more…]

How to Change the Nexus 7 Screen Orientation

The Nexus 7 features a gizmo called an accelerometer, which is essential for screen orientation and can be changed to suit your preference. It determines in which direction the tablet is pointed or whether [more…]

How to Use the Nexus 7 Home Screen

The main base from which you begin your exploration of the Nexus 7 is the Home screen. It’s the first thing you see after unlocking the tablet, and it’s the place you go to whenever you quit an app. [more…]

How to Use the Nexus 7 Onscreen Keyboard

When it comes time to create text on the Nexus 7, you see the onscreen keyboard pop into view, right at the bottom of the screen. The onscreen keyboard appears whenever the tablet demands text input or [more…]

How to Use the Nexus 7 Text Correction Options

As a Nexus 7 owner, there’s no need to be embarrassed by your typing or inability to spell. The Android keyboard sports two text correction features that you’ll find most forgiving: Auto Correct and Next [more…]

How to Cut, Copy and Paste on Your Nexus 7

Among its’ many features, the Nexus 7 allows you the option to cut, copy and paste to meet your needs. Selected text is primed for cutting or copying, which works just as it does in your favorite word [more…]

How to Activate Voice Input on the Nexus 7 Keyboard

The Nexus 7 has the amazing ability to interpret your utterances and mumblings as text using the voice input. You may find your typing errors cause you to continually backtrack to make corrections, or [more…]

How to Dictate to Your Nexus 7

Dictating to your Nexus 7 really works, and works quite well, if you touch the Microphone key on the onscreen keyboard and properly dictate your text. There are a few tricks that will make this process [more…]

How to Import Contacts from Your Computer to Your Nexus 7

You can export contacts from your computer’s e-mail program and then import them into the Nexus 7. Your computer’s e-mail program is doubtless a useful repository of contacts you’ve built up over the years [more…]

How Add Shortcut Widgets to Your Nexus 7

You can instantly slap down a shortcut to your favorite locations in the Settings app by creating a Settings widget on your Nexus 7. If the location is something you find yourself navigating to frequently [more…]

How to Configure the USB on Your Nexus 7

The most direct way to connect a Nexus 7 to a computer is by using a wire — specifically, the USB cable. You can do lots of things after making the USB connection. It all starts with connecting the cable [more…]

How to Change the Screen Lock Setting on Your Nexus 7

You can secure your Nexus 7 from access by evildoers in a number of ways. The first method is to employ a lock screen, specifically one better than the standard sliding lock that the Nexus 7 uses. The [more…]

How to Back Up Your Nexus 7 Information

A backup is a safety copy of information. For your Nexus 7, the backup copy includes contact information, music, photos, video, and apps you’ve installed — plus, any settings you’ve made to customize your [more…]

How to Troubleshoot Your Nexus 7

Like any electronic device, the Nexus 7 seems like the greatest thing you’ve ever used until you have to troubleshoot the problem. Here are some typical problems you may encounter on the Nexus 7 and suggestions [more…]

What are the Nexus 7 Hardware Features?

For navigating your way around the Nexus 7, you need specific directions. The first step to using your tablet is to know its’ hardware features. Knowing these hardware functions will help you navigate [more…]

How to Charge the Battery on Nexus 7

Fortunately, setting up your Nexus 7 tablet isn’t complex or time-consuming. You pretty much have to liberate the tablet, assemble it, charge the battery, and then set up your Google account. That’s it [more…]

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