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How to Use Your Nexus 7 as a Clock

Your tablet gives you several options for use as a clock using the Clock App. Your Nexus 7 keeps constant, accurate track of the time, which is displayed at the top of the Home screen as well as on the [more…]

How to Create a New Event on Your Nexus 7

Nexus 7 comes equipped with a Calendar App. The key to making the calendar work is to create events: appointments, things to do, meetings, or full-day events such as birthdays or colonoscopies. To create [more…]

How to Obtain an App on Your Nexus 7

After you locate an app you want on your Nexus 7, the next step is to download it, by copying it from the Google Play Store on the Internet into your tablet. The app is then installed automatically, building [more…]

How to Install Apps from Your Computer to Your Nexus 7

You don’t ever need to use the Nexus 7 to install apps. Using a computer, you can visit the Google Play website, choose software, and have the app installed remotely. It’s kind of cool, yet kind of scary [more…]

How to Share an App on Your Nexus 7

When you love one of your Nexus 7 apps so much that you just can’t contain your glee, feel free to share the app with your friends. You can easily share a link to the app in the always covenient Google [more…]

How to Remove Downloaded Apps From Your Nexus 7

There are a few reasons to remove an app from your Nexus 7. It’s with eager relish that most users remove apps that don’t work or are somehow annoying. It’s also perfectly okay to remove redundant apps [more…]

How to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network on Your Nexus 7

After you’ve activated the Nexus 7’s Wi-Fi radio, you can connect to an available wireless network. You’ve probably already configured the tablet for your home or office network. When you’re out and about [more…]

How Bluetooth Works on Your Nexus 7

As with most gadgets these days, your Nexus 7 has the potential to use Bluetooth. Computer nerds have long had the desire to connect high-tech gizmos to one another. The Bluetooth standard was developed [more…]

How Use Bluetooth on Your Nexus 7

To make the Bluetooth connection, you turn on the Nexus 7’s Bluetooth radio. Bluetooth can be a handy addition to your tablet and you don’t have to use multiple devices. To use, obey these directions: [more…]

How to Print to a Bluetooth Printer from Your Nexus 7

After your Nexus 7 is connected, or paired, with a Bluetooth printer, you can use the device to print from a variety of apps. The secret is to find and use the Share button or command, choose Bluetooth [more…]

How to Use Android Beam It to Me on Your Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 tablet features an NFC radio, also known as Android Beam, where NFC stands for Near Field Communications and radio is a type of vegetable. NFC allows your tablet to communicate with other NFC [more…]

How to Transfer Files to Your Nexus 7

There are plenty of reasons that you would want to copy a file from your computer to the Nexus 7. You can copy over your pictures and videos, music or audio files, or even vCards that help you build contacts [more…]

How to Use the Airplane Mode on Your Nexus 7

Before take-off, you’ll most likely want to put the Nexus 7 into Airplane mode. It’s the same Airplane mode you see on a cell phone: The various scary and dangerous wireless radios on the tablet are disabled [more…]

How to Change the Wallpaper on Your Nexus 7

Lots of interesting doodads can festoon the Nexus 7 Home screen, like customizing your wallpaper. You can also set the background, add an icon or a widget, and rearrange everything to your heart’s content [more…]

How to Add Apps to Your Nexus 7 Home Screen

The first thing most people do when they get their Nexus 7 is to put their most favorite apps on the Home screen. Just like your cell phone, you will want to make it your own. Here’s how it works: [more…]

How to Add Widgets to Your Nexus 7 Home Screen

A widget works like a tiny, interactive or informative window, often providing a gateway into another app on the Nexus 7. Just as you can add apps to the Home screen, you can also add widgets. [more…]

How to Unlock Your Nexus 7 With Your Face

Don’t smash your nose into the Nexus 7! The Face Unlock setting allows you to get access to your Nexus 7 simply by looking at it. Or, well, someone could hold up a picture of you to unlock the tablet. [more…]

How to Create an Unlock Pattern on Your Nexus 7

One of the most common ways to lock the Nexus 7 is to apply an unlock pattern: The pattern must be traced exactly as it was created to unlock the device and get access to your apps and other features. [more…]


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