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Kindle Paperwhite: How to Use Whispersync with Kindle Editions and Audible Books

Prior versions of the Kindle e-reader included audio capabilities which allowed you to listen to a book on your device or use Text-to-Speech to have a book read to you. The Kindle Paperwhite does not include [more…]

How to Use Parental Controls for Your Child's Kindle Paperwhite

When you buy a Kindle Paperwhite for your child, it will be registered to your Amazon account. Your child will have access to the Kindle Store to make purchases as well as being able to view and download [more…]

Is a Kindle Paperwhite Right for Your Child?

When the Kindle was first released in 2007, it was expensive and available books were limited primarily to novels — thus it was considered by many to be a device for adult readers, not children and students [more…]

Kindle Paperwhite Features to Make Reading Fun for Your Child

Just putting a Kindle Paperwhite in a child's hands is probably not going to turn him or her into an avid reader overnight. However, if you encourage your child to take advantage of the various features [more…]

Covers for Your Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite covers are available in a variety of materials, from fabric to leather to neoprene, at prices ranging from less than $20 to more than [more…]

External Accessories for Your Kindle Paperwhite

There are many options for accessories that go with your Kindle Paperwhite, including the many external accessories such as reading lights, styli, chargers, and more. You have plenty of options to choose [more…]

Common Problems and Solutions for Your Kindle Paperwhite

Here are some of the more common problems that have been reported by Kindle Paperwhite owners in community forums. For many of these problems, there are steps for a quick resolution. [more…]

Freeze Problems and Solutions for Your Kindle Paperwhite

As with most technology, you may, at times, experience freezing or slow response on your Kindle Paperwhite. Most often, the solution is simple. Try these steps if your Kindle freezes up on you. [more…]

How to Reset Your Kindle Paperwhite to Factory Specs

A factory reset is also a way to wipe your Kindle Paperwhite clean if you ever decide to give it as a gift or sell it. Or, if all else fails, and you've exhausted troubleshooting the issue, you can reset [more…]

10 Tips for Using Your Kindle Paperwhite

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Kindle Paperwhite. These tips come straight to you from those who know, Kindle Paperwhite users. [more…]

Kindle Paperwhite for College Students

College textbooks are available for Kindle in several disciplines, such as accounting, art history, economics, mathematics, nursing, philosophy, and science. Texts are being added daily — check frequently [more…]

Kindle Paperwhite: Amazon Subscriptions for Kids

Keep reading fun for your child by encouraging a variety of books — nothing kills a burgeoning love of reading faster than getting stuck with a stack of boring books! At that same time, you want to protect [more…]


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