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How to Locate Superior Subscription Content on Your Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite content isn’t restricted to just e-books. In fact, one of the earliest selling points of the device was the capability to subscribe to Kindle versions of popular magazines, newspapers [more…]

How to Transfer Files From Your Computer to Your Kindle Paperwhite

If you have files on your computer that you need on your Kindle Paperwhite, you can transfer these with ease. Although e-mailing or sending a document to your Kindle Paperwhite is fast and easy, connecting [more…]

Free Content for Your Kindle Paperwhite

You can find many sources of free content for your Kindle Paperwhite. The quickest and easiest way to find free e-books, games, and other offers that are available at Amazon is to search the Top 100 Free [more…]

How to Convert Documents for Your Kindle Paperwhite

If you want to read a file on your Kindle Paperwhite that’s in an unsupported file type, you can install software on your computer that can read different file types and then convert those files to Kindle-compatible [more…]

How to Use Highlights and Notes on Your Kindle Paperwhite

As you’re reading on your Kindle Paperwhite, you may want to highlight text to refer to later or add your own notes to a particular passage. You may even want to make a Facebook post or Twitter Tweet that [more…]

How to Use the Browser on Your Kindle Paperwhite

Yes indeed, your Kindle Paperwhite sports a built-in browser that you can use to access the Internet. The browser isn’t full-featured like the one you surf with on your computer, but it is a usable, albeit [more…]

How to Change Your Kindle Paperwhite’s Name

By default, your Kindle Paperwhite is named Your Name’s 1st Kindle, where Your Name is your first name. This name appears in the upper-left corner of the Home screen. You can change this name, if you want [more…]

How to Loan Books on Your Kindle Paperwhite

You can loan an e-book to anyone — even if the person doesn’t have a Kindle Paperwhite! All you need is the person’s e-mail address and a book that has loaning enabled. [more…]

How to Rent and Gift Books on Your Kindle Paperwhite

Some think that the Kindle Paperwhite only offers you the option of buying books. You can also rent and gift books for yourself and others from your Kindle. Gifting literature is still a good idea. [more…]

Kindle Paperwhite: Lending vs. Sharing

What is the difference between lending and sharing on your Kindle Paperwhite? When you purchase Kindle e-books from Amazon, they’re associated with your Amazon account. If you have more than one Kindle [more…]

How to Sample Your Kindle Paperwhite Books on Other Devices

You can have multiple Kindles, like the Kindle Paperwhite, as well as other devices running the Kindle application (PCs, smartphones, and so on) registered to your Kindle account. You can register a new [more…]

How to Find Games and Apps for Your Kindle Paperwhite

Games, such as Mahjong, Solitaire, and Blackjack, are available for your Kindle Paperwhite. Some people are purists and believe that the Kindle Paperwhite should be used only for reading; others like having [more…]

How to Read PDF Documents on Your Kindle Paperwhite

Some of your personal documents that you load on your Kindle Paperwhite may be PDF documents. The Kindle Paperwhite can read PDF documents natively — in other words, without converting them. [more…]

How to Use Whispernet on Your Kindle Paperwhite

If you have a Wi-Fi–only Kindle Paperwhite, all your documents will be delivered by Wi-Fi without charge. Otherwise, you might need Whispernet. This can help deliver your documents to you. If you are in [more…]

Vinyl Skins for Your Kindle Paperwhite

One of the major complaints of the Kindle Paperwhite was that it looked old-fashioned and bulky. The solution? Vinyl skins,which are like a second skin and have been produced for all versions of Kindle [more…]

Screen Protectors for Your Kindle Paperwhite

Screen protectors for the Kindle Paperwhiteare just what the name implies — a plastic covering for the screen to keep it safe from scratches and smudges. Users have mixed opinions regarding whether they’re [more…]

Sleeves and Envelopes for Your Kindle Paperwhite

Do you prefer to read your Kindle Paperwhite without the encumbrance of a cover? If so, you should consider a sleeve or an envelope rather than a cover for protection. [more…]

How to Insure Your Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite comes with a little built-in insurance of its own. It comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. Amazon sells an extended warranty [more…]

How to Get Help for Your Kindle Paperwhite

Many Kindle Paperwhite owners join user forums, where a wide variety of problems can be addressed by helpful forum members. Amazon has a Kindle product forum that covers Kindle Paperwhite and all its e-reader [more…]

Download Problems and Solutions for Your Kindle Paperwhite

Occasionally, you may experience some problems while downloading to your Kindle Paperwhite. Other problems may occur while trying to access your downloaded material. Either way, hopefully, there is an [more…]

Special Offers for Your Kindle Paperwhite

In 2011, Amazon came out with a new option: special offers and sponsored screensavers — in other words, advertising for the Kindle Paperwhite and other e-readers. In exchange for this, Amazon discounted [more…]

How to Disable Wi-Fi and 3G on Your Kindle Paperwhite

A recent change in the Kindle family of devices, including the Paperwhite, is that you no longer turn Wi-Fi and 3G on and off. Instead, you use Airplane mode to disable both Wi-Fi and 3G. [more…]

How to Charge Your Kindle Paperwhite

On the bottom of the Kindle Paperwhite is a micro-USB port for the charging cable. The cable has a micro-USB plug on one end and a standard USB plug on the other. Insert the micro-USB plug into the Kindle [more…]

How to Use the Touchscreen on Your Kindle Paperwhite

Here are some new techniques for navigating your Kindle Paperwhite. If you’re a seasoned Kindle Touch owner, the following information should be familiar. However, if you're upgrading from a Kindle with [more…]

The Home Screen Display on Your Kindle Paperwhite

The Home screen displays a list of all the content loaded on your Kindle Paperwhite. Typically, that content is mostly books but can also include games, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and personal documents [more…]


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