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Download Problems and Solutions for Your Kindle Paperwhite

Occasionally, you may experience some problems while downloading to your Kindle Paperwhite. Other problems may occur while trying to access your downloaded material. Either way, hopefully, there is an [more…]

Special Offers for Your Kindle Paperwhite

In 2011, Amazon came out with a new option: special offers and sponsored screensavers — in other words, advertising for the Kindle Paperwhite and other e-readers. In exchange for this, Amazon discounted [more…]

How to Disable Wi-Fi and 3G on Your Kindle Paperwhite

A recent change in the Kindle family of devices, including the Paperwhite, is that you no longer turn Wi-Fi and 3G on and off. Instead, you use Airplane mode to disable both Wi-Fi and 3G. [more…]

How to Charge Your Kindle Paperwhite

On the bottom of the Kindle Paperwhite is a micro-USB port for the charging cable. The cable has a micro-USB plug on one end and a standard USB plug on the other. Insert the micro-USB plug into the Kindle [more…]

How to Use the Touchscreen on Your Kindle Paperwhite

Here are some new techniques for navigating your Kindle Paperwhite. If you’re a seasoned Kindle Touch owner, the following information should be familiar. However, if you're upgrading from a Kindle with [more…]

The Home Screen Display on Your Kindle Paperwhite

The Home screen displays a list of all the content loaded on your Kindle Paperwhite. Typically, that content is mostly books but can also include games, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and personal documents [more…]

Comic Books and Manga on Your Kindle Paperwhite

Do you enjoy graphic novels, comics, and manga? You can read all these on your Kindle Paperwhite. A few special features improve the reading experience for these kinds of visual documents. [more…]

Kindle Paperwhite: Wi-Fi only versus Wi-Fi plus 3G

How do you decide whether you want a Wi-Fi–only Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Paperwhite 3G? Good question! The Wi-Fi –only Kindle Paperwhite requires a Wi-Fi wireless connection to download content [more…]

Kindle HDX's X-Ray Feature for Music

With the most recent Kindle Fire operating system, Fire OS 3.0, X-Ray capabilities have been expanded to include Music. X-Ray is a feature that can display information about artists and with music, even [more…]

What's New in Kindle Fire HDX

Now, in its third generation, the Kindle Fire HDX offers several very nice improvements at the right price and feature mix for many people, while offering the key to the treasure chest of content that [more…]

Kindle HDX's Navigation Panel

New with Fire OS 3.0 is a Navigation panel that appears in some apps. You access this panel by swiping to the right from the edge of the screen, or you can tap the Left Nav button instead. The Left Nav [more…]

Kindle Fire HDX's X-Ray Feature for Books

X-Ray now works with selected books. When a book is X-Ray-enabled, you can view information about characters in the book and jump to places in the book where they appear. You can also get information about [more…]

Kindle Fire HDX Hardware Features

Kindle Fire HDX comes in two sizes: 7 inches (see the following figure) and 8.9 inches. Improvements with the third generation HDX include a faster processor, longer battery life, and higher screen resolution [more…]

Kindle Fire HDX's Display

The display on Kindle Fire HDX offers a high-resolution screen that makes for very crisp colors when you’re watching that hit movie or reading a colorful magazine [more…]

Charging Your Kindle Fire HDX Battery

According to various media sources that have benchmarked Kindle Fire HDX’s performance, it has a battery life of about 11 hours for Wi-Fi–connected activities, such as web browsing, streaming movies, and [more…]

Getting to Know the Kindle Fire HDX Interface

The interface you see on the Kindle Home screen (see the following figure) is made up of four items. At the top is the Status bar, which includes indicators that tell you: [more…]

Accessing Kindle Fire HDX Quick Settings

In this fast-paced day and age, quick is the name of the game for most of us, so Amazon has provided you with Quick Settings to streamline your settings experience. [more…]

Kindle Fire HDX Accessibility Features

If you have challenges with manual dexterity (for example, carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis), vision, or hearing, you may find that new and improved accessibility features can help you in using your [more…]

How to Buy Apps from Your Kindle Fire HDX with Amazon Coins

You can use your Amazon account payment option to buy apps, or you can use Amazon Coins, a new feature that lets you buy apps and games with prepaid credits. When you use Coins, you can get savings in [more…]

Getting Online with Kindle Fire HDX by Using Wi-Fi

Unless you own a 4G LTE version of Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HDX is a Wi-Fi–only device, meaning that you have to connect to a nearby Wi-Fi network to go online. You might access a Wi-Fi connection [more…]

Sending E-Mail to Your Kindle Account

When you register your Kindle Fire HDX, you get an associated e-mail account, which essentially allows you or others to e-mail documents in Word, PDF, RTF, or HTML format to your Kindle Fire HDX. [more…]

Sharing to Facebook or Twitter on Kindle Fire HDX

When you’re reading a book on your Kindle HDX, you can share your thoughts with others via Facebook or Twitter and let them know how you liked the book. Follow these steps to share your thoughts on a book [more…]

Reading Documents on Kindle Fire HDX

Reading documents on your Kindle Fire HDX is a much more straightforward proposition than reading e-books (meaning that there are fewer things you can do to navigate around a document or format the appearance [more…]

Searching for Music on Kindle Fire HDX

If you want to find a certain music selection in your library, you can use the Search feature. This feature allows you to search your libraries, the Amazon Store, or the web. [more…]

Navigating Video Categories on Kindle Fire HDX

Viewing video one-on-one on your Kindle Fire HDX is a great way to get your entertainment. The Kindle Fire HDX Videos library may become your favorite destination for buying, viewing, and organizing your [more…]

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