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Bookmark Pages and Highlight Text on Your Kindle Fire HD

You can use the Bookmark feature in the Kindle Fire HD to keep track of that perfect quote or a phrase you just have to read again at a later time.

To place a bookmark on a page, display the page and tap [more…]

Modifying Pages' Appearance on Your Kindle Fire HD

You can do several things to control how things appear on a page in the Kindle Fire HD. First, you can make text larger or smaller and change the font. Second, you can choose a white, black, or sepia-toned [more…]

How to Remove Books or Magazines from Your Kindle Fire HD

Content you've purchased for your Kindle Fire HD on Amazon, from apps to music and books, is archived in your Amazon Cloud library. If you finish reading a book, you can remove it from your device. The [more…]

Buy and Read Periodicals on Your Kindle Fire HD

Reading magazines and newspapers on your Kindle Fire HD is similar to reading books, with a few important differences. You navigate magazines a bit differently and can display them in two different views [more…]

The Kindle Fire HD Music Library

All your music on the Kindle Fire HD is stored in the Music library, which you display by tapping the Music button on the Kindle Fire HD Home screen. The currently playing or last played song and playback [more…]

Open and Play Songs on Your Kindle Fire HD

To open and play songs on your Kindle Fire HD, you first have to locate an item to play, and then you can use the playback toolbar to control the playback. Follow these steps to play music from your Music [more…]

How to Create Playlists on Your Kindle Fire HD

Playlists on your Kindle Fire HD allow you to create collections of songs that transcend the boundaries of albums or artists. For example, you might want to create a playlist for a romantic evening, a [more…]

Streaming versus Downloading Video to Your Kindle Fire HD

When you tap the Video button on the Kindle Fire HD Home screen, you’re immediately taken to the Amazon Videos Store, rather than to a library of video titles. That makes sense because, by design, Kindle [more…]

The Kindle Fire HD Videos Library

Viewing video one-on-one on your Kindle Fire HD is a great way to get your entertainment. The Kindle Fire HD Videos library may become your favorite destination for buying, viewing, and organizing your [more…]

Open and Play Videos on Your Kindle Fire HD

Playing a video on your Kindle Fire HD is a simple process. If the video has been downloaded to your device, open the library (tap Videos, and then tap the Library button), locate the video, and then tap [more…]

The Kindle Fire HD X-Ray Feature

When Kindle Fire HD arrived, so did the X-Ray feature. This feature works with some books and movies to give you access to facts about what you’re reading or watching. This feature is based in part on [more…]

Manage Your Kindle Fire HD Contacts

The Contacts app pre-installed on Kindle Fire HD is a basic but useful contact management tool. You can enter or import contact information, sort that information by several criteria, and use Contacts [more…]

Integrate Facebook and Twitter with Your Kindle Fire HD

If you want to work with your Facebook and Twitter accounts from your Kindle Fire HD, you can download those free apps from the Amazon Appstore. However, in order to share items via Facebook and Twitter [more…]

Documents on Your Kindle Fire HD

One of the items you see across the top of your Kindle Fire HD Home screen is the Docs library. Documents will be stored in the Docs library, to which this button provides access, and if you’ve viewed [more…]

How to Sideload Documents to Your Kindle Fire HD

One way to get a document onto your Kindle Fire HD is to sideload, or transfer, it from your PC or Mac by using the Micro USB cable that comes with Kindle Fire HD. To sideload documents to your Kindle [more…]

How to E-Mail Documents from Your Kindle Fire HD

When you have a document on your Kindle Fire HD, you can view it and also share it with others as an e-mail attachment. Follow these steps to attach a doc to an e-mail message: [more…]

How to Sync Your Kindle Fire HD's Calendar App

Before you can use many of Calendar app’s features, you have to sync it with a calendar account, typically through your e-mail provider. The pre-installed Calendar app is new with Kindle Fire HD. The simple [more…]

Create a New Calendar Event on Your Kindle Fire HD

In the Kindle Fire HD's new Calendar app, events are brought over from the calendar you sync with, but you can also add new events. With either Day or Week view displayed, follow these steps to add an [more…]

The Kindle Fire HD Photo App

Kindle Fire HD has a pre-installed Photos app for all you photography lovers. Though its features are pretty basic, Photos allows you to view and do minor edits to photos. [more…]

Browse the Internet from Your Kindle Fire HD with Silk

Silk is a browser created by Amazon, specifically for its portable devices. Some people wondered why Amazon didn’t choose to use an existing browser, such as Internet Explorer, for Kindle Fire HD. The [more…]

How to Personalize Silk on Your Kindle Fire HD

Silk, the Kindle Fire HD's browser, sports a nice, clean interface. Still, there are a few things you can do to personalize the way Silk looks and acts that might work better for you. [more…]

Silk's Privacy Settings on Your Kindle Fire HD

The Privacy settings for Silk help you to stay safe when you’re browsing online. Browsing out there on the Internet can be a bit dangerous. There are people and businesses who want to leave small files [more…]

Set Up an E-Mail Account on Your Kindle Fire HD

Setting up your e-mail on Kindle Fire HD involves providing information about one or more e-mail accounts that you’ve already established with a provider such as Gmail. [more…]

Send and Receive E-Mails on Your Kindle Fire HD

You can send e-mails from your Kindle Fire HD. To create and send an e-mail, with the Email app and an e-mail account inbox open, follow these steps: [more…]

Forward and Reply to E-Mail on Your Kindle Fire HD

When you receive an e-mail on your Kindle Fire HD, you can choose to reply to the sender, reply to the sender and anybody else who was included as an addressee on the original message, or forward the e-mail [more…]

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