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TI-Nspire CAS

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Algebra Tools on the TI-Nspire Calculator Application Menu

Press [MENU]→Algebra to access the Algebra submenu from the TI-Nspire Calculator Application menu. The Numerical Solve command solves one-variable equations with ease. In the Catalog, the syntax for the [more…]

TI-Nspire Calculator Application Menu's Matrix Commands

Access the Catalog in the TI-Nspire Calculator application. Press [MENU]→Matrix & Vector to access the Matrix commands. Many of the items contained in the Matrix & Vector menu work with a matrix that you [more…]

TI-Nspire Calculator Application Calculus and Finance Tools

Even if you aren’t in a calculus class, you may find some of the tools in the TI-Nspire Calculator Application menu's Calculus submenu helpful. Using the Numerical Function Minimum tool, you can find the [more…]

How to Store Variables in the TI-Nspire

When working with TI-Nspire, keep in mind that variables are shared among applications within the same problem. You might want to store a variable for a variety of reasons. Here’s a list of some of those [more…]

Use the TI-Nspire Define Command to Store a Function

The TI-Nspire Define command offers yet another way to store a variable. Here’s an example of how you can create your own function in the Calculator application using the Define command: [more…]

How to Recall a Variable on the TI-Nspire

After a variable has been stored in any TI-Nspire application, you will inevitably want to recall the variable for use in a command, expression, or other application. [more…]

How to Update and Delete Variables on the TI-Nspire

You can update variables on the TI-Nspire and delete them from within the Calculator application. Say you just stored a variable with a certain value (or function, matrix, or list). If you store the variable [more…]

Find Symbolic Representations of Numerical Calculations with CAS

TI-Nspire CAS returns results in symbolic form. That is, results are given as exact values — the way you typically see them in textbooks or other printed materials. Check out the first screen where some [more…]

Solve Command from TI-Nspire CAS Algebra Submenu

The TI-Nspire CAS capabilities found in the Algebra submenu are nothing short of amazing. The Solve command returns the solution(s) to an equation or inequality. Choose [more…]

Factor Command from the TI-Nspire CAS Algebra Submenu

The Factor command from the TI-Nspire CAS Algebra submenu factors numerical and algebraic expressions. Choose [MENU]→Algebra→Factor to open the Factor [more…]

TI-Nspire CAS Algebra Submenu Commands

The Solve, Factor, and Expand commands form the cornerstone of the Algebra submenu. However, several other items contained on the Algebra submenu are worth mentioning. [more…]

Derivative Command from TI-Nspire CAS Calculus Submenu

The Derivative, Integral, and Limit commands form the cornerstone of the Calculus submenu on the TI-Nspire CAS. Press [MENU]→Calculus→Derivative to open the Derivative [more…]

Integral Command from TI-Nspire CAS Calculus Submenu

The Integral command is one of the most significant commands on the TI-Nspire CAS Calculus submenu. Press [MENU]→Calculus→Integral to open the Integral [more…]

Limit Command from TI-Nspire CAS Calculus Submenu

You use the Limit command on the TI-Nspire CAS Calculus submenu to evaluate the limits of an expression. Press [MENU]→Calculus→Limit to invoke the Limit [more…]

TI-Nspire CAS Calculus Submenu Commands

In the Calculus submenu of the TI-Nspire CAS, the CAS technology allows symbolic manipulation of algebraic expressions as well as numerical calculations just like in the Algebra submenu. The Derivative [more…]

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