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TI-84 Graphing Calculator Basics

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Matrix Arithmetic on the TI-84 Plus Calculator

You can use your TI-84 Plus calculator to perform matrix arithmetic. When evaluating arithmetic expressions that involve matrices, you usually want to perform the following basic operations: scalar multiplication [more…]

Evaluate the Determinant and Other Matrix Operations on the TI-84 Plus

Quite a few operations are unique to matrices. All the matrix-specific operations on the TI-84 Plus calculator are found by accessing the MATRX MATH Operations menu [more…]

How to Solve a System of Equations on the TI-84 Plus

Matrices are the perfect tool for solving systems of equations (the larger the better). Fortunately, you can work with matrices on your TI-84 Plus. All you need to do is decide which method you want to [more…]

How to Work with Fractions on the TI-84 Plus

There’s no fraction key on the TI-84 Plus calculator, per se, but many fraction tools are built into this calculator. For starters, isn’t a fraction just division in disguise? So, pressing / between two [more…]

How to Work with Complex Numbers on the TI-84 Plus

Fortunately, your TI-84 Plus calculator knows how to handle complex numbers. Complex numbers are of the form a + bi, where a is the real part and b is the imaginary part. [more…]

How to Use the CMPLX Menu on the TI-84 Plus

Your TI-84 Plus calculator has a CMPLX menu of functions designed to accomplish just about any task you need to when working with complex numbers.

The functions most often used with complex numbers are [more…]

Convert Degrees to Radians with the TI-84 Plus Calculator

The functions housed in the Angle menu on your TI-84 Plus calculator enable you to convert between degrees and radians or convert between rectangular and polar coordinates. To convert degrees to radians [more…]

Convert between Degrees and DMS with the TI-84 Plus Calculator

The functions available in the TI-84 Plus calculator's Angle menu enable you to convert between decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes, and seconds). You can also override the angle setting in the Mode [more…]

How to Use the Test Menu on the TI-84 Plus

The often overlooked Test menu on the TI-84 Plus enables you to use your calculator in creative ways to solve problems. Do you want to do better on your next standardized test? Some of these tips just [more…]


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