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TI-84 Graphing Calculator

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How to Enter Parametric Equations in the TI-84 Plus

You can enter and then graph parametric equations in your TI-84 Plus calculator. Parametric equations are used in Pre-calculus and Physics classes as a convenient way to define [more…]

How to Graph Parametric Equations on the TI-84 Plus

Anything that can be graphed in Function mode on the TI-84 Plus an also be graphed as a set of parametric equations. Using parametric equations enables you to investigate horizontal distance, [more…]

How to Enter Polar Equations in the TI-84 Plus

The TI-84 Plus graphing calculator enables you to enter and graph polar equations. A polar coordinate system is used in Pre-calculus class as yet another way to define a point. [more…]

How to Set the TI-84 Plus Window for Polar Equation Graphs

Before graphing a polar graph, you need to set the window of your TI-84 Plus calculator. If your graph seems incomplete, it is probably due to the way you set your window variables. The variables that [more…]

Ten Essential Skills You Need on the TI-84 Plus

Here is a brief review of some of the most important and basic calculator skills you need when you are working on the TI-84 Plus. [more…]

How to Enter Sequences into the TI-84 Plus

Sequences make interesting graphs! You need to learn how to set the mode and select the color before entering a sequence in your TI-84 Plus calculator. Then, you can have the fun of graphing a sequence [more…]

How to Set the TI-84 Plus Window and Graph Sequences

On the TI-84 Plus calculator, it's difficult to get a nice viewing window for your sequence on your first attempt. Understanding the basics of sequence notation should help. Here are the variables used [more…]

Use Trace to Evaluate a Sequence Equation

You are going to love using the Trace feature on the TI-84 Plus to evaluate sequences. Remember, you are not tracing x-values as you do in Function mode. Follow these steps to evaluate a sequence at specific [more…]

How to View the Table of a Sequence Graph on Your TI-84 Plus

Sometimes, it is helpful to take a numeric view of the sequence you want to graph. Press [2nd][GRAPH] to view the table as shown in the first screen. [more…]

How to Graph a Recursive Sequence on the TI-84 Plus

You can use the TI-84 Plus calculator to graph a recursive sequence and to graph the much more difficult Fibonacci sequence, one of the most famous sequences in mathematics. [more…]

How to Graph a Web Plot on the TI-84 Plus

Web plots are a really interesting representation of the behavior of a recursive sequence, and you can use the TI-84 Plus to graph web plots. Web plots actually look a little like spider webs. Following [more…]

How to Graph a Phase Plot on the TI-84 Plus

If you want to see how one sequence affects another sequence, you can graph a phase plot on your TI-84 Plus calculator to represent the data.

Enter two sequences that represent the population of rabbits [more…]

Graph Partial Sums of an Infinite Series on the TI-84 Plus

An infinite geometric series has a sum if–1 < r< 1. But, you can use the TI-84 Plus to graph partial sums. The partial sums should approach a number, which means the graph of a partial sum should have [more…]

How to Graph an Amortization Table on the TI-84 Plus

With the TVM Solver, you can graph an amortization table on your TI-84 Plus calculator. An amortization schedule shows the amount of interest and principal for each periodic payment made over the life [more…]

Inserting Photo Images as Graph Backgrounds on the TI-84

An image is a digital picture that can serve as the background for your graph screen. Inserting an image on the TI-84 Plus is a great backdrop to practice transforming functions. [more…]

How to Use TI Connect Software to Transfer Images

Once you have TI Connect software up and running, you can use the USB computer cable that came with your TI-84 Plus calculator to connect the calculator to the computer. Click on the Device Explorer icon [more…]

Unit-to-Unit Image Transfer on the TI-84 Plus

You can only send images from a TI-84 Plus C calculator to another TI-84 Plus C calculator. Images will not display on a TI-84 Plus calculator because of the differences in screen resolution. Here are [more…]

Quick Plot & Fit Equation on the TI-84 Plus

Images on a graph screen have another purpose that is now a built-in tool! You can use Quick Plot & Fit Equation on your TI-84 Plus to quickly plot points directly on your graph and perform a regression [more…]

Delete and Archive to Preserve Memory on Your TI-84 Plus

There are major differences between RAM and archive memory on your TI-84 Plus. RAM memory stores computations, lists, variables, data, and programs that are not archived. Archive memory stores apps, groups [more…]

How to Reset Your TI-84 Plus Calculator

There are many options when it comes to resetting your TI-84 Plus calculator. To access the RAM ARCHIVE ALL menu, press [2nd][+][7]. Use the left- and right-arrow keys to navigate the three drop-down menus [more…]

How to Group and Ungroup Programs on the TI-84 Plus

You can group variables residing in RAM memory and store the group in archive memory of your TI-84 Plus for safekeeping. Then, if the RAM on your calculator is cleared, you can ungroup the variables and [more…]

Garbage Collecting on the TI-84 Plus

Sometimes, on the TI-84 Plus you get the ERROR: ARCHIVE FULL error message in spite of the fact that you seem to have plenty of memory available. What gives? [more…]

Calculate Mortgages and Loans with the TI-84's TVM Solver

Before you start using the TVM Solver on your TI-84 Plus calculator, you need to know a few of the basics. Here is a list of TVM variables: [more…]

Make Compound Interest Work for You with the TI-84 Plus

Hopefully, you have the hang of entering values into the TVM Solver on your TI-84 Plus calculator. It might be a good idea to get a little more practice. In this exercise, you get to see what happens when [more…]


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