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The TI-84 Plus Calculator Catalog

The TI-84 Plus calculator’s Catalog houses every command and function used by the calculator. However, it’s usually easier to use the keyboard and the menus to access these commands and functions than [more…]

Evaluate Arithmetic Expressions with the TI-84 Plus Calculator

Arithmetic expressions are evaluated on the TI-84 Plus Home screen. The Home screen is the screen you see when you turn the calculator on. If the Home screen is not already displayed on the calculator, [more…]

TI-84 Plus Calculator Keys to Access Functions

Starting with the fifth row of the TI-84 Plus calculator, you find the functions commonly used on a scientific calculator. Here’s what they are and how you use them: [more…]

Order of Operations and the TI-84 Plus Calculator

The order in which the TI-84 Plus calculator performs operations is the standard order that you are used to. Spelled out in detail, here is the order in which the calculator performs operations: [more…]

Recycle Previous Answers and Entries with the TI-84 Plus Calculator

You can use the previous answer in the next arithmetic expression you want to evaluate on your TI-84 Plus calculator. If that answer is to appear at the beginning of the arithmetic expression, first key [more…]

Store Variables with the TI-84 Plus Calculator

The letters STO may look like texting language, but the TI-84 Plus calculator's STO key is a handy feature to have around. If you plan to use the same number many times when evaluating arithmetic expressions [more…]

How to Work in Scientific Notation on the TI-84 Plus Calculator

Scientific notation on a TI-84 Plus calculator looks a little different than what you’re used to seeing in class. For example, 2.53*1012 will display as 2.53 [more…]

Exponents and Roots on the TI-84 Plus Calculator

In MathPrint mode on your TI-84 Plus calculator, exponents actually look like exponents! There are two ways to square a number. One way is to type a number and press [more…]

TI-84 Plus Calculator's Equation Solver

The Equation Solver on your TI-84 Plus calculator is a great tool for solving one-variable equations. The Solver is also capable of solving an equation for one variable given the values of the other variables [more…]

How to Assign Values to Variables on Your TI-84 Plus Calculator

Did you know that your TI-84 Plus calculator can solve equations that have more than one variable? The trick is that you must assign values to all the variables except the one that you’re solving for. [more…]

Find Multiple Solutions with the TI-84 Plus

Some equations can have more than one solution. You can easily find multiple solutions on your TI-84 Plus. If you’re dealing with an absolute value equation or an equation with a degree larger than one [more…]

Define Solution Bounds in TI-84's Equation Solver

When the equation you’re solving on your TI-84 Plus calculator has multiple solutions, it’s sometimes helpful to redefine the bound variable. Trigonometric functions are notorious for having infinite number [more…]

How to Use the TI-84 Plus Calculator's Solve Function

There are multiple ways to use the TI-84 Plus calculator to solve equations. The Solve function is difficult to locate, but relatively painless to use. Unfortunately, the Solve function can only be found [more…]

The PlySmlt2 App on Your TI-84 Plus Calculator

Using the Equation Solver or the Solve function on your TI-84 Plus calculator works pretty well for linear or quadratic equations. But how can you use your calculator to solve polynomial equations with [more…]

Accessing Catalog Help from the TI-84 Plus Calculator's Math Menu

Many of the Math menu functions on the TI-84 Plus calculator have a hidden Help feature available at the press of a single key! To access the Catalog Help from the Math menu, follow these steps: [more…]

TI-84 Plus Calculator's Math MATH Submenu

Press [MATH] to access the Math MATH submenu on your TI-84 Plus calculator. This submenu contains general mathematical functions you can insert into an expression. [more…]

TI-84 Plus Calculator's Math NUM Submenu

On the TI-84 Plus calculator, several important items are housed in the Math NUM submenu. To access the Math NUM submenu, you press the following keys: [more…]

How to Enter Functions on the TI-84 Plus

Before you can graph a function on your TI-84 Plus calculator, you must enter it into the calculator. The calculator can handle up to ten functions at once, [more…]

How to Graph Functions on the TI-84 Plus

After you have entered functions into the TI-84 Plus calculator and formatted your graph, you’re almost ready to start your graphing fun. Once you get the hang of graphing, you won’t need to go through [more…]

Format Menu Options on the TI-84 Plus

The TI-84 Plus calculator has a variety of features that help you easily format the graph of a function. Set the graph format settings by following these steps: [more…]

How to Adjust the Color/Line Settings on Your TI-84 Plus Graph

If you’re graphing several functions on your TI-84 Plus calculator at once, your calculator automatically graphs each function in a different color. If you have the TI-84 Plus C, you may want to change [more…]

How to Graph Piecewise-Defined Functions on the TI-84 Plus

A piecewise function is actually made up of “pieces” of different functions. Each function “piece” is defined over a certain interval. Using your TI-84 Plus calculator to graph piecewise functions can [more…]

How to Graph Trig Functions on the TI-84 Plus

The TI-84 Plus calculator has built-in features especially designed for graphing trigonometric functions. They produce graphs that look like graphs you see in textbooks, and when you trace these graphs [more…]

View Function and Graph on Same TI-84 Plus Screen

If you’re planning to play around with the definition of a function you’re graphing on your TI-84 Plus calculator, it’s quite handy to have both the Y= editor and the graph on the same screen. That way [more…]

Save and Recall a Graph on the TI-84 Plus

If you want to save your graph as a Graph Database on your TI-84 Plus calculator, when you recall the graph at a later time, the graph remains interactive. This means that you can, for example, trace the [more…]

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