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Graphing Calculators

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TI Connect Software for the TI-84 Plus

You need two things to enable your TI-84 Plus calculator to communicate with your computer: TI Connect (software) and a TI-Graph Link cable. TI Connect is free; the TI-Graph Link cable came bundled with [more…]

How to Transfer Files between TI-84 Plus and PC

After you’ve connected the TI-84 Plus calculator to your computer, the TI Device Explorer program housed in TI Connect can transfer files between the two devices. This allows you to archive calculator [more…]

How to Link the TI-84 Plus to Other Calculators

You can transfer data lists, programs, matrices, and other such files from one calculator to another if you link the calculators with the unit-to-unit link cable that came with your TI-84 Plus calculator [more…]

How to Transfer TI-84 Plus Files to Multiple Calculators

After transferring files between the TI-84 Plus and another calculator, you can then use the sending and/or receiving calculator to transfer the same files to a third calculator, usually without having [more…]

How to Download and Install Applications for the TI-84 Plus

The Texas Instrumentswebsite contains over 40 applications that you can download and install on your TI-84 Plus calculator. Most of these application programs are free; those that aren’t free are very [more…]

Eight Common Errors when Using the TI-84 Plus

Even the best calculating machine is only as good as its input. Following are eight common errors made when using the Ti-84 Plus graphing calculator. [more…]

How and When to Clear the TI-84 Plus Home Screen

Because programs display their output on the TI-84 Plus Home screen, it is a good idea to have your program clear the Home screen before the output is displayed. This is done by inserting the [more…]

The Disp and Output Commands for TI-84 Plus Programs

The Disp and Output commands are used by a program to display text messages and values. The Disp command is capable of displaying more than one piece of information, and the [more…]

Use a Program to Display a Graph on the TI-84 Plus

You can use a program for the TI-84 Plus graphing calculator to display a graph. When the Input command isn’t followed by a variable name, it graphs the functions that are turned on in the Y [more…]

How to Configure Settings on the TI-Nspire

Before you can make the most of your TI-Nspire, you must configure the settings. To access the settings, press [ON]→Settings. The first screen shows six choices. Choosing Handheld Setup is a good place [more…]

How to Switch Keypads for the TI-Nspire

The TI-Nspire (Touchpad or Clickpad) can operate with two different keypads (not at the same time): the TI-Nspire keypad and a TI-84 Plus Keypad. When the TI-Nspire keypad is installed, you are using TI-Nspire [more…]

My Documents Application Menu on the TI-Nspire

The My Documents menu on the TI-Nspire differs slightly depending on whether you have a folder or file highlighted. To access the My Documents menu, press the [more…]

The TI-Nspire Documents Menu

The Documents menu on the TI-Nspire, accessed by pressing [DOC], is the one menu that is available no matter where you are in TI-Nspire. Furthermore, the Documents menu options never change. For example [more…]

How to Open, Close, and Save TI-Nspire Files

To open a file on the TI-Nspire, you must be in the My Documents view. Simply highlight a specific file and press [ENTER] or [CLICK]. You can also highlight a file and press [more…]

Seven Core TI-Nspire Applications

The TI-Nspire handheld device has seven applications from which to choose — Calculator application, Graphs application, Geometry application, Lists & Spreadsheets application, Data & Statistics application [more…]

Views Available on the TI-Nspire

TI-Nspire offers three different ways to view your documents: Full Page view, Page Sorter view, and My Documents view. Each view has certain advantages, and when used in combination, these views can allow [more…]

How to Save Work on the TI-Nspire

Very soon after you create a new document on the TI-Nspire, it’s a good idea to save the file. The quickest and easiest way to save your new file is to press [more…]

Configure Pages with Up to Four TI-Nspire Applications

TI-Nspire allows you to display up to four applications on one screen. Of course, you need to balance your desire to display several different representations of a problem with a need to keep the screen [more…]

Create a Custom Split on the TI-Nspire

On the TI-Nspire, you can use the Custom Split tool to see whether you can improve upon the device's space utilization. The first screen adds a third application — Lists & Spreadsheet — to the current [more…]

The TI-Nspire Swap Applications Tool

With the Swap Applications tool located in the TI-Nspire Page Layout menu, you can swap the position of applications on your screen. Although the Custom Split tool can help a bit with the layout, sometimes [more…]

Change Page Layout on the TI-Nspire

You might decide that you really don’t want the Calculator page cluttering your TI-Nspire screen. Therefore, you want to go back to a layout that includes only two applications — the Graphs application [more…]

How to Set Up the TI-Nspire Device

After you install the batteries and get your TI-Nspire device up and running, you'll need to run through the initial setup. To turn on your TI-Nspire device, press the [more…]

TI-Nspire Keypad's Three Zones

The TI-Nspire's redesigned keypad is organized into three zones: Navigation, Math & Numeric Keys, and Alpha Keys. Keeping this in mind may help you as you get acquainted with TI-Nspire. A basic understanding [more…]

How to Use the Scratchpad on the TI-Nspire

The TI-Nspire's Scratchpad consists of two parts: Calculate and Graph. Pressing the Scratchpad key, which looks like a small calculator, once accesses one part, and pressing it again toggles to the other [more…]

Copy, Paste, and Edit Expressions and Answers

On the TI-Nspire, you can use the Calculator application to copy, paste, and edit expressions and answers. When a previous answer or expression is highlighted from the calculator history by pressing the [more…]


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