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Google Glass Acts as a Camera on Your Head

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that you have your Google Glass on your head because it’s so light and unobtrusive. The people you interact with, however, may behave a bit oddly toward you. That behavior [more…]

How to Take Photos with Google Glass

When Google Glass takes a picture, it captures an image based on what you’re currently looking at. Glass gives you three ways to take a picture: [more…]

How to Capture Videos with Google Glass

Like the cameras on most smartphones sold today, the camera on your Google Glass allows you to take videos. Capturing videos with your Glass is similar to taking pictures. You have a choice of three ways [more…]

How to Share Your Google Glass Media

Google Glass is built to share data. You can share pictures and videos from your Glass with your friends, your Google+ circles, and other social media sharing apps available for Glass [more…]

Add Captions to Media You Share via Google Glass

Have you ever been frustrated when someone shares a picture with you but doesn’t add the filename or a brief description? Posting media without explaining who’s in the picture or video and what that person [more…]

How to Back Up Your Google Glass Media to Google+

Google automatically synchronizes all your pictures and videos to your Auto Backup album on Google+ when you plug your Glass into the charger and connect it to the Internet via Wi-Fi. [more…]

What You Can Search for with Google Glass

To search the Internet on Glass, you need to be connected to the Internet through the device’s Wi-Fi connection or your smartphone’s data plan. You can initiate many types of searches on Glass. Here are [more…]

How to Browse Any Time, Anywhere with Google Glass

Google produces its own web browser, Chrome, for desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, so it’s no surprise that Google created a special version of Chrome for Glass that takes advantage of the device’s [more…]

How to Use the Hangouts App on Google Glass

Because Glass comes from Google, several Google technologies work with it right out of the box. One of these technologies is Hangouts, Google’s videoconferencing app. Glass lets you use Hangouts to send [more…]

How to Take Action While in a Google Glass Hangout

While you’re in a Hangout, a Google Glass videoconference, you can perform other tasks, such as check your timeline for an appointment on your calendar. When you do, your camera is muted [more…]

How to Send E-Mail Messages from Your Google Glass

Before you send e-mail messages on your Google Glass, you need to add e-mail contacts via the MyGlass website or the MyGlass app on your smartphone. It’s easy to send an e-mail message to someone else. [more…]

Making and Taking Phone Calls with Google Glass

The benefit of using Google Glass as a headset for making and receiving calls is that you don’t have to fumble for your phone in your pocket and then keep looking down at your phone or holding the phone [more…]

How to Send SMS Messages with Google Glass

If a contact record stored in the contact database on your Glass includes a phone number, you can send an SMS message to that contact by using your voice instead of hunting and pecking with your thumbs [more…]

Go Live with Screencasting on Google Glass

Your Google Glass can use your smartphone to show people a live view of what you’re seeing on the Glass screen. You can show people what you’re looking at on your smartphone, for example, or you can connect [more…]

Best and Worst Bets for Screencasts on Google Glass

If you’re wondering how to make Glass shine for your audience, here are some Glass features and tasks that make good screencasts, as well as some that don’t [more…]

How to Get Directions on Your Google Glass

Before you try to get directions on your Glass, be sure that you’ve done three things: Installed the MyGlass app and enabled GPS location services on your smartphone; paired Glass with your smartphone; [more…]

How to Use the Google Glass Built-In App

You don’t necessarily have to drive to use Google Glass for navigation. The device can give you directions no matter how you’re traveling, be it on foot, via bicycle, on public transportation, or by car [more…]

How to Check Out a Neighborhood with Google Glass

Because Google Glass is connected to the GPS locator on your smartphone, your phone keeps track not only of where you are, but also of what interesting attractions are nearby. After all, Google doesn’t [more…]

The Google Glass Sound Search Feature

The Sound Search feature makes it easy for you to ask who’s singing that song. A good use of Glass is listening to music through the device’s speaker — much easier than digging up your smartphone and headphones [more…]

How to Use the Google Glass Sunglass Shade

When you’re outdoors, you may find yourself squinting with Google Glass because the light is too bright. Not to worry. Google includes a sunglass shade with every Glass. [more…]

How to Switch Your Google Glass Frames

The frame that came with your Google Glass may not be exactly to your liking. If not, you can purchase a new frame for $225 (plus tax) at Google. With your new frame, you also get a hard-body case, screwdriver [more…]

How to Get Google Glass Help from Google

If you’ve tried some basic troubleshooting for your Google Glass, but you haven’t been able to resolve your problem, you can seek out help from Google. You can get help on the [more…]

How to Browse for Glassware Apps

Apps aren’t installed on Google Glass by default. Instead, you shop for them on the MyGlass website or on the MyGlass app on your smartphone. To check out some of the Glassware that’s available, follow [more…]

How to Download Glassware Apps

As of this writing, all Google Glass apps are available for free. When you find an app that you’re interested in, you can download it by following these steps: [more…]

Working with a New Glassware App

When you have a new app on your Google Glass, you can start the app from your timeline by voice command or by tapping the app’s card: [more…]


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