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Use Your Voice to Dictate to Google Glass

Though some teenagers may beg to differ, perhaps the most natural way to communicate with someone is to speak to him or her. Google designed Glass so you don’t have to use the touchpad if you don’t want [more…]

Tour the Google Glass Timeline

When you wake up your Glass, you see the timeline screen. Notifications on this screen appear as rows of cards. Cardscan contain text such as e-mail and instant messages, images, and/or videos. The figure [more…]

How to Move Between Cards on the Google Glass Timeline

You can move between cards on the Google Glass timeline by using the touchpad and swiping forward and backward, as discussed in the following steps. [more…]

Your First Tour of MyGlass for Google Glass

To tour MyGlass for the first time, fire up your favorite browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone and then follow these steps: [more…]

How to Import a Contact from Google to MyGlass

You can import an existing contact from your Google Contacts database to MyGlass. Follow these steps to import your contact from Google Contacts to one of the available spots in MyGlass: [more…]

How to Add Contacts to MyGlass

The MyGlass home page provides a card that lets you add a contact. If you want to add a contact, here’s how to do it: [more…]

How to View a MyGlass Contact Card

A contact card displays the same information on the MyGlass website and in the MyGlass app: the contact’s name, a photo of the contact (if any), and icons in the top-left corner that show what type of [more…]

How to Remove or Edit MyGlass Contacts

You can remove a contact from MyGlass by clicking or tapping the contact card in the MyGlass screen and then clicking or tapping Remove from Glass. MyGlass removes the contact from its database. [more…]

How to Merge Your Google Contacts Database with Glass

Synchronizing your Google Contacts database with Glass can take a while if your database has multiple contacts for several people. Fortunately, Google Contacts makes it easy to clean up your database by [more…]

Generate a Quick Response Code for an Open Wi-Fi Network

The first step in connecting to a Wi-Fi network in MyGlass is generating a QR (Quick Response) code for that network. If you’re at a location that offers public Wi-Fi, such as a coffee shop or an airport [more…]

Generate a Quick Response Code for a Hidden Wi-Fi Network

You can create a QR code for two types of Wi-Fi networks: an open network, which doesn’t require a password, and an encrypted (or hidden) network, which requires a password. To create a QR code for a hidden [more…]

How to Add a Wi-Fi Network to Your Google Glass

MyGlass makes it easy for you to set up a new Wi-Fi network that you can store on your Glass so you can connect to the network easily when you’re in range of that network. Here’s how to add a Wi-Fi network [more…]

How to Track Down Your Google Glass

The MyGlass app for your Android smartphone includes the nifty Device Location card, which helps you locate your Google Glass as quickly as possible in case you misplace it. [more…]

How to Enable or Disable Glassware

Glassware apps can send content to and receive content from your Google Glass. Some Glassware apps are preinstalled. You can use MyGlass to shop for more Glassware and to customize the apps on your Glass [more…]

How to Manage Your Google Glass Contact List

One of the cards on the MyGlass home page lets you add a contact, because Google recognizes that you’ll often want to contact your friends via voice call, video call, or instant message. Google also knows [more…]

The Google Glass Settings Card Bundle

It’s easy to access a list of Settings cards from the Home screen and then set up your Wi-Fi connection. But setting up Wi-Fi connections is just one of the things you can do on Glass. You can find the [more…]

The Google Glass Device Info Card

When you’re in the Glass Settings screen, you can get more information about the device by tapping the Settings card bundle and then tapping the Device Info card. [more…]

How to Set the Volume for Your Google Glass

By default, speaker volume on your Google Glass is set to 100 percent. Because Glass makes sounds the first time you turn it on, you’ll know whether this speaker setting is too loud or just right. [more…]

How to Join a Public Network with Google Glass

Google Glass automatically detects Wi-Fi networks in your immediate area so that you can join one of them. Many coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses have free Wi-Fi networks available to persuade [more…]

How to Switch and Disconnect from Networks with Google Glass

When you leave your favorite Wi-Fi hotspot to go to another location, such as your home network, it’s easy to switch to that network on your Google Glass. Follow these steps: [more…]

How to Pair Google Glass with Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth connections require each device to be discoverable. In the case of Google Glass, you have to tell your smartphone that you want to pair it with your Glass. To see how this process works, connect [more…]

Configuring the Google Glass Head Wake Up Feature

The Google Glass Head Wake Up features lets you turn on the Glass display by tilting your head up instead of tapping the touchpad. You have one other way to turn on the display by using your head — On-Head [more…]

Configuring the Google Glass On-Head Detection Feature

Instead of having to remember to press the power button to turn Google Glass on or off, you can enable On-Head Detection instead. This feature activates Glass when it’s on your head and deactivates it [more…]

How to Reset Google Glass

Google Glass is a computer, and like all computers, it may not always run as well as it should, or an app may not function properly. In such cases, you may want to reset your Glass. When you reset Glass [more…]

Consequences of Wearing Google Glass

Wearing a Glass in everyday life can create some unintended consequences. One shining example occurred in late October 2013, when a driver in California was cited for wearing her Google Glass while driving [more…]


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