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Quick Reference for the Google Glass Touchpad

Google Glass requires you to use the touchpad to move around various screens, and though you can get by with the basics, the touchpad also has more than a few [more…]

Cool Searches to Try on Google Glass

When a search question pops into your head while you're using Google Glass, you have three ways to access the Google Search app no matter what screen you're viewing: [more…]

Navigating the Google Glass Community

The first time you visit the Google Glass Community website, the sheer amount of information you can access can make it hard to decide where to start. The community contains a large number of forums where [more…]

Google Glass For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you can’t wait to get started with your new Google Glass, you can master it more quickly by mastering the touchpad. Then you can experiment with new and interesting ways to search for information on [more…]

Capture and Display a Google Glass Screen

If you don’t want to give your Google Glass to someone else to demonstrate it, or if you want to demonstrate Glass functionality to a group of people, you can connect Glass to your computer and show its [more…]

How to Safely Demonstrate Google Glass

Google Glass is an automatic conversation starter, so when you're asked about the device you're wearing, be sure to engage the other person so that he has a thorough understanding of what Glass is, how [more…]

Install Android Apps on Google Glass

Glass runs a version of the Android operating system, which is no surprise because both the device and the operating system come from Google. Though the Glass operating system is a bit different from the [more…]

Protect Google Glass by Locking the Screen

If you’re concerned about someone stealing your Glass and getting access to your important information, you can lock the screen every time you deactivate Google Glass or whenever the On-Head Detection [more…]

How to Mirror the Google Glass Screen on Your Desktop

If you don’t want to give your Google Glass to someone else to demonstrate it, or if you want to demonstrate Glass functionality to a group of people, you can connect Glass to your computer and show your [more…]

10 Things to Tell People about Google Glass

You may already know all about Glass, but if you’re explaining it to a family member, friend, or even a perfect stranger, you may want to have some talking points at the ready to persuade other people [more…]

What Is This Thing Called Google Glass?

Wearable devices are a hot new area of computing, and companies are scrambling to create computers that you can wear on your wrist (called smartwatches) [more…]

What Does Google Glass Do?

If your Glass is on but not connected to the Internet, you can only take photos and videos with the device. Here’s what Google Glass does when it’s on and connected to the Internet: [more…]

How Does Google Glass Differ from Other Mobile Devices?

Google Glass competes not only with other wearable computing glasses, but also with other mobile devices, including smartphones and smartwatches. Yet Glass is the most convenient wearable device produced [more…]

How Google Glass Fits into Your Life

Several Google Glass applications (apps, for short) have been developed to make users’ lives easier. The catalog of apps is always changing. Following are a few of the apps that might fit into your lifestyle [more…]

What You Can Do with Google Glass

Following are some examples of what you can do with Google Glass. Some of them are hypothetical, based on what Glass can do now; others are based on real-world experiences. [more…]

The Downside of Google Glass

Like any piece of new technology, Google Glass has a few limitations. Following is a list of items that could be considered the downside of Google Glass [more…]

Key Features of Google Glass

Before putting your Glass on your head, you should familiarize yourself with all the features that the device offers. To start mastering something, you must understand the basics. The figure shows the [more…]

How to Turn Google Glass On and Off

The first time you turn on a new device, you get a warm feeling that something new is happening and that you’re a part of it. So do this: [more…]

How to Charge Google Glass

Every device on this planet has to have energy to do its thing, and Google Glass is no exception. Fortunately, the kind people at Google made the charging process really easy for you. The box that Glass [more…]

How to Fit Your Google Glass

The fitting process for Google Glass is simple, and if you fit the device on your head correctly, fitting should be a one-time event. The key to a comfortable Glass experience is making sure that the device [more…]

How to Complete the Google Glass Settings Checklist

You have your shiny new Google Glass device in your hand (or, in this case, on your head), and you want to start using it immediately. First, though, you must make a bunch of settings to make it usable [more…]

The 3 Setup Options of Google Glass

When you put Google Glass on your head and power it on for the first time, you see the Glass logo screen, followed by a welcome screen. The welcome screen asks you to start the setup process by swiping [more…]

Google Glass Setup on an Android Phone

If you have an Android smartphone, you can set up your Glass with the MyGlass app. MyGlass also lets you use additional features, including GPS, SMS messaging, and screencasts. [more…]

Google Glass Setup with a Web Browser

You can set up Google Glass in a web browser on your computer, and you’ll get the best results from the most recent version of your browser of choice. If you’re uncertain which web browser to use, try [more…]

How to Control Google Glass with the Touchpad

You must perform certain basic operations every time you wear your Google Glass device. The learning curve isn’t flat, but it’s not as steep as you may think. All the basic gestures are done on the flat [more…]

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