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Use a Bluetooth Headset with Your Droid Bionic

To make the Bluetooth connection between the Droid Bionic and a set of those earphones, you pair the devices. That way, the Droid Bionic picks up only your earphone and not anyone else’s. [more…]

Droid Bionic: Print to a Bluetooth Printer

The concept of printing from a cell phone is new and certainly unique. No longer are documents and pictures permanently entombed in your Droid Bionic. Follow the advice here and you’ll be printing wirelessly [more…]

Droid Bionic: Use MOTOPRINT and Print to Retail

The Droid Bionic comes with the wireless network printing app MOTOPRINT. You can use this app to print from your phone to any wireless printer on a computer Wi-Fi network. Follow these steps: [more…]


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