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How to Change Your Droid X's Ringtone

On the Droid X, you can choose which default ringtone you want for your phone, plus you can ringtones for individual contacts. By assigning different ringtones to different contacts, you can tell who's [more…]

How to Send a Multimedia Message on Your Droid X

Your Droid X can send multimedia (called MMS) messages, which include a bit of audio or video or a picture. You use the same Messaging app on your Droid X that you do to send regular text messages. [more…]

How to Take a Picture with Your Droid X's Camera

To use your Droid X phone as a camera, you need to know that the back of the phone holds the lens. When you have your Droid camera correctly positioned, you can snap as many pictures as you want [more…]

How to Adjust Your Droid X's Camera

Your Droid X is more phone than camera — still, it has various camera adjustments you can make in its Camera app. You can find those Droid camera adjustment controls in a couple of places: [more…]

How to Record Video with Your Droid X

You can use your Droid X to record video. You can record about ten minutes of video on your Droid, though that length can be limited by how much storage space is available on the MicroSD card. [more…]

How to View the Pictures on Your Droid X

To access images and videos stored on your Droid X, you start the Gallery app. You can find it on the Applications Tray. When the Droid Gallery opens, you see images organized into categories. [more…]

How to Share Pictures and Video from Your Droid X

You can share the images and videos on your Droid X over the Internet. Occasionally, you stumble across the Share command when working with photos and videos in the Droid Gallery. This command is used [more…]

How to Work with Pictures on Your Droid X

To access images and videos stored on your Droid X, you start the Gallery app. You can find it on the Applications Tray. When the Droid Gallery opens, you see images organized into categories. Touch a [more…]

How to Play Music on Your Droid X

Music headquarters on your Droid X phone is the app named, oddly enough, Music. You can start the Music app on your Droid by touching its icon on the Applications Tray, which makes the main Music browsing [more…]

How to Create a Playlist on Your Droid X's Music App

Playlists are customized (by you) groups of tunes that have something in common. What they have in common is up to you. Droid X allows you to create playlists in its Music app. To start a new playlist [more…]

How to Listen to the Radio on Your Droid X

With the proper software installed on your Droid X, your phone can also be used as a radio. Whether you're in the mood for good old FM radio or something from the Internet, your Droid has you covered. [more…]

How to Use the YouTube App on Your Droid X

To view the mayhem on YouTube from your Droid X, or to contribute something yourself, use the YouTube app. Like all apps on the Droid X, you can find the YouTube app on the Applications Tray [more…]

Droid Bionic: Edit Contact Info and Add Images

Editing contact information in the Droid Bionic’s Contacts list is easy. When a contact’s information changes or if you made an error when you created the contact, you can edit the contact information. [more…]

Droid Bionic: Music from the Amazon MP3 Store

When you don’t have any music to play on your Droid Bionic, you need to buy it. The Android Market may at some point sell music, but for now you need to turn to another source for your music shopping needs [more…]

The Droid Bionic's Gallery

The Droid Bionic’s Gallery app is the main place to go for looking at pictures and videos on your phone. They can be images you’ve taken with the phone or images synchronized from social networking sites [more…]

Droid Bionic: Image Organization and Viewing

Eventually, you have dozens, if not thousands, of images in your Droid Bionic. They’re all stored in one long spaghetti string in the Gallery app, visible by endlessly scrolling through the Camera Roll [more…]

Droid Bionic: Create a New Photo Album

Putting pictures in their own album on the Droid Bionic is a great way to not only keep your photos and videos organized but also keep your friends from going insane as you wildly scan the Camera Roll [more…]

Droid Bionic: Tag an Image

One method to help you keep your pictures and videos organized on your Droid Bionic is to tag them. A tag is simply a tidbit of text, short and punchy — for example, [more…]

Droid Bionic: Pictures Map Location and Printing

In addition to snapping a picture, the Droid Bionic saves the location where you took the picture. This information is obtained from the phone’s GPS, the same tool used to find your location on a map. [more…]

Crop an Image on the Droid Bionic

It’s possible to use the Droid Bionic's Gallery app to perform some minor photo surgery, such as image cropping. Cropping is one useful thing you can do on your phone. Still, the best tool for image editing [more…]

Droid Bionic Gallery: Rotate or Delete Images

You can use the Gallery App on your Droid Bionic to make slight edits to your photos, such as rotating pictures or deleting them. Here are the steps to follow. [more…]

Droid Bionic: Configure Your Picasa Account

Part of your Google account includes access to the online photo-sharing website Picasa, also known as Picasaweb. If you haven’t yet been, use your computer to visit the [more…]

Droid Bionic: Upload A Video to YouTube

The best way to share a video from your Droid Bionic is to upload it to YouTube. As a Google account holder, you also have a YouTube account. You can use the YouTube app on the Droid Bionic along with [more…]

The Droid Bionic's Share Button

The Share button lurks at the bottom of the Droid Bionic screen whenever you view an image or a video. If you don’t see the button, touch the screen and it shows up. [more…]

Droid Bionic: Explore Your Music Library

Music Headquarters on your Droid Bionic is the app named, oddly enough, Music. You can start this app by touching its icon, found on the App menu. Soon, you discover the main Music browsing screen, similar [more…]


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