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How to Use a Bluetooth Headset with Your Droid X

You use Bluetooth, a wireless protocol for communication between two or more gadgets, on your Droid X by using one of those wireless earphones you see stuck on people's heads. You must turn on your Droid's [more…]

How to Use the Droid X Maps App

When you use the amazing Droid X Maps app, you no longer have to hang your head in shame over not being able to refold a map. The Maps app on your Droid involves no folding whatsoever. Instead, it charts [more…]

The Controls on Your Droid X

The Droid X attempts to intimidate you with some new terms for its features and controls, not to mention that you may not be aware of all its available hardware features. These control terms are the same [more…]

How to Set Up a Google Account for Your Droid X

If you want to get the most from your Droid X phone, you really, really need to have a Google account. If you don't have a Google account, run — don't walk or mince — to a computer and follow these steps [more…]

How to Check Your Schedule with the Droid X Calendar App

You can use your Droid X as your calendar and date keeper. Your Droid can easily serve as a reminder of obligations due or delights to come. It all happens thanks to Google Calendar and the Calendar app [more…]

How to Add an Event to the Droid X Calendar

The key to making the Droid X's Calendar app work is to add events: appointments, things to do, meetings, or full-day events such as birthdays and vacations. You can easily create a new event in the Calendar [more…]

How to Set an Alarm on Your Droid X

When you want your Droid to wake you up, you can take advantage of the Alarm & Timer app. You can set more than one alarm, and the Droid X remembers what times you've set in the past. [more…]

How to Get Apps for Your Droid X from the Android Market

New apps await delivery into your Droid X. To get to them, touch the Market icon (either on the main Home screen or the Applications Tray) to open the Droid's Market app. You can browse for apps, games [more…]

How to Put Your Droid X in Airplane Mode

As anyone who has been flying recently knows, using a cellular phone while on an airborne plane is strictly forbidden. You can, however, use your Droid X to listen to music, play games, or do anything [more…]

How to Enable Security on Your Droid X

You may want to secure your Droid X for a number of reasons. If you're just worried about securing the Droid from accidental dialing while it's in your pocket, simply use the sliding lock on the touchscreen [more…]

Looking at Droid X2 Home Screens

The main screen on the Droid X2 smartphone is called Home. You can have as many as seven Home screen panels on your Droid X2, all of which are shown here: [more…]

Using the Soft Buttons on the Droid X2

The Droid X2 smartphone features four soft buttons found below the touchscreen. Use these multi-functional buttons to manipulate apps or to control the Droid X2. The soft buttons provide a welcome consistency [more…]

Mastering Droid X2 Touchscreen Operations

Using touchscreen operations on handheld devices such as the Droid X2 smartphone requires a little finesse. Practice these common touchscreen operations on your Droid X2, and soon your fingers will be [more…]

The Droid Bionic Soft Buttons

The Droid Bionic features four soft buttons (or soft keys), that appear below the touchscreen. Get acquainted with these soft buttons and the different ways you can use them. [more…]

Droid Bionic Touchscreen Operations

Using the touchscreen on your Droid Bionic is just a matter of teaching your fingers to do what you want them to. You can perform several basic actions on the Droid Bionic touchscreen: [more…]

Droid Bionic Tricks to Remember

Using a Droid Bionic smartphone means easy web access, fun with apps, and more. Boost your Droid Bionic productivity with these handy time-saving tricks [more…]

What's in the Droid Bionic Box

You find several items inside the Droid Bionic box, most of which are potentially useful. Even if you’ve already opened the box and strewn its contents across the table, take a few moments to locate and [more…]

Install Your Droid Bionic's SIM Card and Battery

The Droid Bionic comes disassembled inside the box. If the nice people who sold you the phone haven’t already installed the SIM card and battery, that chore falls to you. [more…]

Charge Your Droid Bionic's Battery

The Droid Bionic’s battery may have enough oomph in it to run setup at the Phone Store. If so, count yourself lucky. Otherwise, you need to charge the phone’s battery. After inserting the battery into [more…]

Buttons and Controls on Your Droid Bionic

The Droid Bionic’s first impression can be intimidating with its buttons and controls. That’s because it probably looks unlike any other phone you’ve ever owned or used. So take a few seconds to look around [more…]

Open and Look Inside the Droid Bionic

It rarely happens, but occasionally you might need to open and access your Droid Bionic's inner parts. Unlike some other cell phones, the Droid Bionic is designed to have easily replaceable items that [more…]

Earphones for Your Droid Bionic

Your Droid Bionic most likely didn’t come with earphones. That’s not a reason to give up on the concept. In fact, the nice people who sold you the Droid Bionic might have tossed in a set of earbud-style [more…]

Where to Safely Keep Your Droid Bionic

Find a place for your Droid Bionic to stay when you’re not taking it with you. Make the spot consistent: on top of your desk or workstation, in the kitchen, on the nightstand ¯ you get the idea. Phones [more…]

Set Up Droid Bionic for the First Time

To turn on the Droid Bionic for the first time, press its Power Lock button for a second or so. You see the Motorola logo, the word Droid, and some fancy graphics and animation. After a moment, you hear [more…]

How to Turn on the Droid Bionic

Unlike turning on the Droid Bionic for the first time, turning it on at any other time isn’t that involved. In fact, under normal circumstances, you probably won’t turn off the phone that much. [more…]


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