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Support and Help for Your Droid 4

Your Droid phone is an excellent device, but like anything, it can malfunction. Check out the following phone numbers and websites if you find yourself in really serious trouble with your Droid 4. [more…]

Important Droid 4 Tricks

You'll be amazed at the things your Droid 4 can do. The following collection of time-saving tricks can increase your productivity with your new Droid 4. [more…]

Droid 4 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Droid 4 is four times the Droid for four times the fun! Or frustration, which is why this Cheat Sheet was written. Use the information here to help get acquainted with your new gizmo and get help with [more…]

The Samsung Gear S2 Watch

The Samsung Gear S2 watch is a timepiece that pairs with your Android device. It comes in 18K rose gold-plated and platinum-plated designs. The Samsung Gear S2 also provides a variety of bands and watch [more…]


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