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Droid Bionic Camera Settings

With your Droid Bionic, you have no need to constantly lug a camera around with you. You’re free to capture the moment at any time. Though better portable cameras are out there, the Droid Bionic’s camera [more…]

Droid Bionic: Create an Unlock Pattern

The Droid Bionic unlock pattern is perhaps the most popular, and certainly the most unconventional, way to lock the Droid Bionic screen. The pattern must be traced on the touchscreen to unlock the phone [more…]

Assign Your Droid Bionic a Password

Perhaps the most secure way to lock the Droid Bionic screen is to apply a full-on password. Unlike a PIN (a code between 4 and 16 numbers long. It contains only numbers, 0 through 9), a [more…]

Droid Bionic: Change Various Screen and Call Settings

Here are a smattering of settings you can adjust on the phone — all made from, logically, the Settings screen. To get there from the Home screen, press the Menu soft button and choose the Settings command [more…]

Droid Bionic: Noise and Accessibility Options

The Droid Bionic has a plethora of options and settings for you to adjust. You can fix things that annoy you or make things better to please your tastes. The whole idea is to make the phone more usable [more…]

Droid Bionic: Monitor the Battery

The Droid Bionic displays the current battery status at the top of the screen, in the status area, next to the time. The icons used to display battery status are shown in this figure. [more…]

Droid Bionic: Manage Battery Performance

A nifty screen on the Droid Bionic reviews which activities have been consuming power when the phone is operating from its battery. The informative screen is shown in this figure. [more…]

Droid Bionic: Save Battery Life

If you want to know how to save batter life on your Droid Bionic, here’s a smattering of things you can do to help prolong battery life in your phone: [more…]

Droid Bionic: Regular Phone Maintenance

The Droid Bionic gives you only two tasks that you can do for regular maintenance on the phone: Keep it clean, which is probably something you’re doing already, and keep important information backed up [more…]

Droid Bionic: When to Update the System

Every so often, a new version of the Droid Bionic operating system becomes available. It’s an Android updatebecause Android is the name of the operating system, not because your phone thinks that it’s [more…]

Droid Bionic Help and Troubleshooting

You have many resources for solving issues with your Droid Bionic. Things aren’t as bad as they were in the old days. Back then, you could try two sources for help: the atrocious manual that came with [more…]

Droid Bionic: Fix Random and Annoying Problems

Aren’t all problems with your Droid Bionic annoying? Here are descriptions of some typical problems you might find with your phone and some suggestions for a solution: [more…]

Droid Bionic: Reset the Software

When all else fails with your Droid Bionic, you can do the drastic thing and reset all the phone’s software, essentially returning it to the state it was in when it first arrived. Obviously, you need not [more…]

Droid Bionic: Text and Dictation Tips

Too few people use dictation on the Droid Bionic, despite how handy it can be — especially for text messaging. Here are some tips for using dictation and some other things you can do with text messaging [more…]

The Droid Bionic Task Manager

The Droid Bionic Task Manager app is found on the App menu. Its main interface is shown in this figure. You see all the phone’s currently running apps displayed, along with trivial information about each [more…]

Droid Bionic Tips and Tricks

Here is a simple list of Droid Bionic tips, tricks, and shortcuts. These are some of the most common things learned from using the Droid Bionic and from overcoming some of its more frustrating aspects. [more…]

Avoid Android Viruses on Your Droid Bionic

How can you tell which apps for the Droid Bionic are legitimate and which might be viruses or evil apps that do odd things to your phone? Well, you can’t. In fact, most people can’t, because most evil [more…]

Customize The Droid Bionic Home Screen

The Droid Bionic sports a roomy Home screen. It’s really five Home screen panels. Of course, the phone comes preconfigured with lots of icons and widgets festooning every panel. [more…]

Droid Bionic: Change the Wallpaper

The Droid Bionic Home screen has two types of backgrounds, or wallpapers: traditional and live. Live wallpapers are animated. A not-so-live wallpaper can be any image, such as a picture from the Gallery [more…]

Droid Bionic: Put Widgets on Your Home Screen

The Droid Bionic Home screen is the place where you can find widgets, or tiny, interactive information windows. A widget often provides a gateway into another app, or displays information such as status [more…]

Droid Bionic: Create Shortcuts

Besides widgets, everything on the Droid Bionic Home screen is a shortcut. The app icons? Shortcuts. But the variety of shortcuts doesn’t end with apps. You can add shortcuts to the Home screen that help [more…]

Droid Bionic Screen Locks

The Droid Bionic comes with a lock, the simple touchscreen gizmo you slide to the right to unlock the phone and gain access to its information and features. For most folks, this lock is secure enough. [more…]

Five Quick Fixes for Your Droid Bionic

Here are five quick fixes for issues you might encounter with your Droid Bionic, whether with the screen or touchscreen or battery. If something's not quite right, check out these solutions. [more…]

Soft Buttons on the Droid 4

Below the Droid 4 touchscreen are four soft buttons. In the following table, you can find out what these soft buttons can do on the Droid 4: [more…]

Touchscreen Operations on the Droid 4

You need to teach your fingers certain actions if you want to perform basic day-to-day operations on your Droid 4 touchscreen. The following table shows you how. [more…]


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