Getting Started with Your Android Tablet

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How to Change Wallpaper on Android Tablets

Wallpaper is the background on the Home and lock screens on your Android tablet. You can change and set the image on all Android tablets. Just choose between traditional or live [more…]

Android Tablet’s Power Off and Sleep Options

There are three ways to say goodbye to your Android tablet; only one of them involves renting a steamroller. The other two methods are documented below. [more…]

How to Add Security with the Android Tablet Lock Screen

The standard swipe-lock screen isn’t a difficult lock to pick. In fact, it’s known as the No Security screen lock on Android tablets. If you’ve added more security, you might see any one of several different [more…]

What Are All Those Hardware Pieces on Your Android Tablet?

You will need to be able to identify the hardware on your Tablet. Check out this generic Android tablet’s hardware features. Use this as a guide to locate some key features on your own tablet. [more…]

How to Insert and Remove the MicroSD Card from an Android Tablet

External and removable storage is available on some Android tablets. The storage is in the form of a MicroSD card, which can be used for photos, videos, music, evil plans, and so on. [more…]

How to Activate Your Android Tablet

The very, very first time you turn on your Android tablet, you’re required to work through the setup process. It’s a must, but it needs to be done only once. [more…]

How to Link Your Google Account to Your Android Tablet

You don’t have to add all your online accounts during the Android tablet setup-and-configuration process. If you skipped those steps, or when you have more accounts to add, you can easily do so. With your [more…]

How to Use Android Tablet Dictation

The Android tablet has the amazing capability to interpret your dictation as text. It works almost as well as computer dictation in science fiction movies, but seems to lack intelligent life. [more…]

How to Use to Your Android Tablet's Address Book

To peruse your Android tablet's address book, start the People or Contacts app. You may be blessed to find that app's icon on the Home screen. If not, touch the Apps icon on the Home screen, and then touch [more…]

How to Create a Contact from an E-mail on Your Android Tablet

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to build up your Android tablet’s address book is to create a contact from an e-mail message. Follow these general steps when you receive a message from someone not already [more…]

How to Import Contacts to Your Android Tablet from Your Computer

You need your contacts from your computer on your Android tablet. Now what? Your computer’s e-mail program is doubtless a useful repository of contacts you’ve built up over the years. You can export these [more…]

How to Join Identical Contacts on Your Android Tablet

Your Android tablet pulls contacts from multiple sources, such as Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo!, and even other apps such as Skype. Because of that, you may discover duplicate contact entries in the tablet’s [more…]

How to Select Text from a Web Page on Your Android Tablet

Grabbing a bit of text from a web page works similarly to selecting text elsewhere on your Android tablet. The difference is that you must long-press the text to start the selection process. [more…]

How to Access the Internet on Your Android Tablet

All Android tablets feature a web browsing app. The stock Android app is Google’s own Chrome web browser. Your tablet may have another web browser app, which may be named web, Browser, or Internet. The [more…]

How to Access Multiple Home Screens on Your Android Tablet

You will get to know the Home screen well on your Android tablet. The Home screen is more than what you see. It’s actually an entire street of Home screens, with only one Home screen [more…]

How to Review Notifications on Your Android Tablet

Notifications appear as icons at the top of the Home screen on your Android tablet. To review them, you pull down the notifications drawer by dragging your finger from the top of the screen downward. [more…]

How to Activate and Deactivate Your Android Tablet Wi-Fi

Android tablets use the same Wi-Fi networking standards as other wireless Internet devices, such as a laptop computer. So, as long as Wi-Fi networking is set up in your home or office or in the lobby at [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a Wi-Fi Network

It’s a good idea to access Wi-Fi whenever possible to avoid data charges. After you’ve activated the Android tablet’s Wi-Fi radio, you can connect to an available wireless network. Obey these steps: [more…]

How to Create a Mobile Hotspot with Your Android Tablet

The best way to share a digital cellular connection with the most people is to set up your own wireless mobile hotspot on your Android tablet. Carefully heed these steps: [more…]

How to Share Your Android Tablet's Internet via Tethering

A personal way to share your Android tablet’s digital cellular connection is to tether. This operation is carried out by connecting the tablet to another gizmo, such as a laptop computer, via its USB cable [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a Computer through USB

The most direct way to connect an Android tablet to a computer is by using a wire — specifically, the wire nestled at the core of a USB cable. You can do lots of things after making the USB connection, [more…]

How to Prepare to Travel with Your Android Tablet

How far can you go with an Android tablet? As far as you want. As long as you can carry the tablet with you, it goes where you go. How it functions may change depending on your environment, and you can [more…]

How to Change the Wallpaper on Your Android Tablet

One of the ways you can customize your Android tablet involves changing the wallpaper on your Home screen. The Home screen background can be draped with two types of wallpaper: [more…]

How to Manage Android Tablet Security

Android tablets don’t seem to have a secure lock. That screen-swipe thing is fancy, and it keeps the cat from unlocking the tablet, but it won’t keep out the Bad Guys. A better form of protection is to [more…]

How to Set the Owner Info Text on Your Android Tablet

You can customize the lock screen by adding custom text that helps identify your Android tablet or simply displays a pithy saying for entertainment value. The feature is called Owner Info or Owner Information [more…]


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