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How to Upload Pictures to the Cloud from Your Android Tablet

One way to share images on the Internet using your Android tablet is to use cloud storage. That’s just a fancy term for online storage, such as that offered by Google Drive or the popular Dropbox service [more…]

How to Stream Music on Your Android Tablet

Your Android tablet has the capability of streaming music. Although they’re not broadcast radio stations, some sources on the Internet — Internet radio [more…]

How to Use Google Now on Your Android Tablet

Don’t worry about your Android tablet controlling too much of your life: It harbors no insidious intelligence, and the Robot Revolution is still years away. Until then, you can use the tablet’s listening [more…]

How to Use Google Play Books on Your Android Tablet

Printed books are O so 14th century. Now, reading material is presented electronically in the form of an eBook. To read eBooks on your Android tablet, you need an eBook reader app. [more…]

How to Buy and Rent Movies on Your Android Tablet

The Google Play Store lets you not only buy apps and books for your Android tablet but also rent movies. Open the Play Movies app, found in the Apps drawer, to boost your tablet’s video potential. [more…]

How to Obtain an App for Your Android Tablet

After you locate the app you’ve always dreamed of, the next step is to download it, by copying it into your Android tablet from the Google Play Store. The app is then installed automatically, building [more…]

How to Install Apps to Your Android Tablet from a Computer

You don’t need to use an Android tablet to install apps. Using a computer, you can visit the Google Play website, choose software, and have that app installed remotely. It’s kind of cool yet kind of scary [more…]

How to Manage Your Android Tablet Apps

The Play Store app is not only where you buy apps for your Android tablet — it’s also used for performing app management. This task includes reviewing apps you’ve downloaded, updating apps, organizing [more…]

How to Manage Your Android Tablet Apps with the Applications Manager

The Play Store app isn’t your final destination for truly managing the apps installed on your Android tablet. To really get your hands dirty, you need to visit the Application Manager. Be forewarned: The [more…]

How to Use Bluetooth on Your Android Tablet

If the terms Wi-Fi and mobile data connectiondon’t leave you completely befuddled, here’s another term you should know about to use your Android tablet. It’s [more…]

How to Use Android Beam on Your Tablet

Many Android tablets feature an NFC radio, where NFCstands for Near Field Communications and radio is a type of vegetable. NFC allows your tablet to communicate with other NFC devices. That connection [more…]

How to Use USB to Transfer Files between a Computer and an Android Tablet

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to copy a file between a computer and an Android tablet, many of which are legal. For example, you can copy pictures and videos, music and audio files, and [more…]

How to Add Apps to the Android Tablet Home Screen

One of the ways your can customize your Android tablet is by adding your favorite apps to your Home screen. This gives you immediate access to the apps you use most and gives you control over which apps [more…]

How to Manage Widgets on the Android Tablet Home Screen

The Home screen on your Android tablet is the place where you can find widgets, or tiny, interactive information windows. A widget often provides a gateway into another app or displays information such [more…]

How to Manage Home Screen Pages on the Android Tablet

The number of pages on the Home screen isn’t fixed. You can add pages to your Android tablet. You can remove pages. You can even rearrange pages. This feature might not be available to all Android tablets [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a Computer with Samsung Kies

The Samsung way to connect your phone or Android tablet to a computer is to use something called Samsung Kies. Don’t bother asking: No one on the planet has any idea what Kies stands for, let alone how [more…]

How to Share Files from Your Android Tablet with the Cloud

A handy way to share files between a computer and your Android tablet is to use cloud storage. That’s just fancy talk for storing files on the Internet. Many choices are available for cloud storage, including [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a TV with an HDMI Connection

You may think that having a 10-inch Android tablet really smokes those folks with the smaller, 8-inch tablets. Ha! You’re in for a surprise. That’s because any tablet with HDMI output — even those doinky [more…]

How to Build App Folders on Your Android Tablet

Each Home screen page on your Android tablet sports a grid that holds only so many app icons. Though you can use math to calculate the maximum number of Home screen icons, a better choice is to use app [more…]

How to Make a Favorite Contact in Your Android Tablet's Address Book

A favorite contact, as far as your Android tablet is concerned, is someone you stay in touch with most often. Being part of your Favorites group gives you faster access when you need to contact that person [more…]

How to Download from the Web to Your Android Tablet

There’s nothing to downloading on your Android tablet, other than understanding that most people use the term without knowing exactly what it means. Officially, a [more…]

How to Activate Your Android Tablet's Locations in the Map App

The Maps app works best when you activate all of your Android tablet's location technology. It's a good idea to turn on all available location settings. From the Apps drawer, open the Settings app. In [more…]


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