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How to Add another User to Your Android Tablet

Computers have had the capability to allow multiple users for some time — even though people seldom seem to use this feature. Your Android tablet should be the same, but just like your computer, your tablet [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a Computer with Samsung Kies

The Samsung way to connect your phone or Android tablet to a computer is to use something called Samsung Kies. Don’t bother asking: No one on the planet has any idea what Kies stands for, let alone how [more…]

How to Share Files from Your Android Tablet with the Cloud

A handy way to share files between a computer and your Android tablet is to use cloud storage. That’s just fancy talk for storing files on the Internet. Many choices are available for cloud storage, including [more…]

How to Manage Your Android Tablet's Storage

Somewhere, deep in your Android tablet's bosom, lies a storage device or two. That storage works like the hard drive in a computer, and for the same purpose: to keep apps, music, videos, pictures, and [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a TV with an HDMI Connection

You may think that having a 10-inch Android tablet really smokes those folks with the smaller, 8-inch tablets. Ha! You’re in for a surprise. That’s because any tablet with HDMI output — even those doinky [more…]

How to Prepare to Travel Abroad with Your Android Tablet

Yes, your Android tablet works overseas. The two resources you need to consider are a way to recharge the battery and a way to access Wi-Fi. As long as you have both, you’re pretty much set. You also must [more…]

How to Build App Folders on Your Android Tablet

Each Home screen page on your Android tablet sports a grid that holds only so many app icons. Though you can use math to calculate the maximum number of Home screen icons, a better choice is to use app [more…]

Common Android Tablet Problems and Solutions

There are a few things that commonly happen to many Android tablets. Take a look at the following problems and some suggestions for fixing your beloved tablet and return it to it’s usual working state. [more…]

10 Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Your Android Tablet

Having a few tips, tricks and shortcuts up your sleeve can help you make the most of your Android tablet. Check out the following suggestions, which are definitely worthy of note. [more…]

10 Things You Should Remember to Use with Your Android Tablet

For your Android tablet, some things are definitely worth remembering. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should tie a string around your finger. Out of the long, long list, here are ten good ones. [more…]

10 Great Free Apps for Your Android Tablet

Hundreds of thousands of apps are available for your Android tablet at the Google Play Store — so many that it would take you more than a relaxing evening to discover them all. Rather than list every single [more…]

Optional Accessories for Your Android Tablet

Your credit card company will be thrilled when you discover that an assortment of handy Android tablet accessories are available for purchase. You can find them at the place where you purchased your tablet [more…]

How to Make a Favorite Contact in Your Android Tablet's Address Book

A favorite contact, as far as your Android tablet is concerned, is someone you stay in touch with most often. Being part of your Favorites group gives you faster access when you need to contact that person [more…]

How to Download from the Web to Your Android Tablet

There’s nothing to downloading on your Android tablet, other than understanding that most people use the term without knowing exactly what it means. Officially, a [more…]

How to Activate Your Android Tablet's Locations in the Map App

The Maps app works best when you activate all of your Android tablet's location technology. It's a good idea to turn on all available location settings. From the Apps drawer, open the Settings app. In [more…]

Android Tablet Help and Support

If you ever happen to find yourself in really serious phone trouble, here is a smattering of trusted places to check out for help with your Android tablet: [more…]

Android Tablet Home Screen

The main screen on an Android tablet is called the Home screen. You’ll find several Home screen pages — some marching off to the left and others marching to the right — for a total of anywhere up to seven [more…]

Android Tablet Navigation Icons

Android tablets feature common icons for using the Home screen as well as various apps. These are the navigation icons, and they are often found at the bottom of the touchscreen. [more…]

Common Android Tablet Icons

Various icons appear while you use your Android tablet. These icons serve common functions in your apps as well as in the Android operating system. Common icons and their functions are shown here: [more…]

Android Tablet Touchscreen Operations

It takes a certain finesse to work a touchscreen. Here are some of the common operations you can perform using your fingers on an Android tablet's touchscreen: [more…]

Android Tablet Tricks to Remember

You can get more done, and quickly, on your Android tablet when you know a few tricks. Here is an assortment of handy, time-saving tricks for you to keep in mind while you use, abuse, or excuse your tablet [more…]

Android Tablets For Dummies Cheat Sheet

An Android tablet is a complex piece of electronics — delightful, inspirational, intimidating. Obviously, that qualifies it as the next great thing. It also means that if you want to get the most from [more…]

10 Great Android Free Apps

Hundreds of thousands of apps are available at the Google Play Store — so many that it would take you more than a relaxing evening to discover them all. Rather than list every single app, this list shows [more…]

Choosing a Hangouts Emoji on Your Android Tablet

The Android tablet's onscreen keyboard's chameleon-like nature reveals itself in an interesting and fun way when you text-chat with your friends in the Hangouts app. If you're too busy typing, you may [more…]

Old-Time Image Effects on Your Android Tablet

The Photos app on your Android tablet features a rich collection of image manipulation tools. Use them to enhance images or create special effects. As an example, suppose that you want to make a photo [more…]


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