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How to Insert and Remove the MicroSD Card from an Android Tablet

External and removable storage is available on some Android tablets. The storage is in the form of a MicroSD card, which can be used for photos, videos, music, evil plans, and so on. [more…]

How to Activate Your Android Tablet

The very, very first time you turn on your Android tablet, you’re required to work through the setup process. It’s a must, but it needs to be done only once. [more…]

How to Link Your Google Account to Your Android Tablet

You don’t have to add all your online accounts during the Android tablet setup-and-configuration process. If you skipped those steps, or when you have more accounts to add, you can easily do so. With your [more…]

How to Use Android Tablet Dictation

The Android tablet has the amazing capability to interpret your dictation as text. It works almost as well as computer dictation in science fiction movies, but seems to lack intelligent life. [more…]

How to Use to Your Android Tablet's Address Book

To peruse your Android tablet's address book, start the People or Contacts app. You may be blessed to find that app's icon on the Home screen. If not, touch the Apps icon on the Home screen, and then touch [more…]

How to Create a Contact from an E-mail on Your Android Tablet

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to build up your Android tablet’s address book is to create a contact from an e-mail message. Follow these general steps when you receive a message from someone not already [more…]

How to Import Contacts to Your Android Tablet from Your Computer

You need your contacts from your computer on your Android tablet. Now what? Your computer’s e-mail program is doubtless a useful repository of contacts you’ve built up over the years. You can export these [more…]

How to Join Identical Contacts on Your Android Tablet

Your Android tablet pulls contacts from multiple sources, such as Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo!, and even other apps such as Skype. Because of that, you may discover duplicate contact entries in the tablet’s [more…]

How to Upload a Picture from Your Android Tablet to Facebook

One of the many things your Android tablet can do is take pictures. Combine this feature with the Facebook app and you have an all-in-one gizmo designed for sharing the various intimate and private moments [more…]

How to Select Text from a Web Page on Your Android Tablet

Grabbing a bit of text from a web page works similarly to selecting text elsewhere on your Android tablet. The difference is that you must long-press the text to start the selection process. [more…]

How to Create a Contact in Your Android Tablet's Address Book

Sometimes it's necessary to create a contact in your Android tablet's address book when you actually meet another human being in the real world. Or maybe you finally got around to transferring information [more…]

How to Assign a Photo to a Contact on Your Android Tablet

Nothing is more delicious than snapping an inappropriate picture of someone and using the picture as his or her contact picture on your Android tablet. Then, every time the person e-mails you, that embarrassing [more…]

How to Add E-Mail Accounts to Your Android Tablet

The Email app on your Android tablet can be configured to pick up mail from multiple sources. If you have a Yahoo! Mail or Windows Live account and maybe an evil corporate account in addition to your ISP’s [more…]

How to Create a Signature for Your Android Tablet E-Mail

It’s a good idea for you to create a custom e-mail signature for sending messages from your Android tablet. To create a signature for Gmail, or to change the existing signature, obey these directions: [more…]

How to Bookmark a Web Page on Your Android Tablet

Need to remember a favorite website? For heaven’s sake, don’t fold down the corner of your Android tablet! Instead, just create a bookmark for that site. It’s cinchy: Touch the Favorite icon near the Address [more…]

How to Manage Multiple Tabs in Your Android Tablet's Google Chrome App

The Chrome app, as well as other tablet web browsers that may be on your Android tablet, uses a tabbed interface to help you access more than one web page at a time. You will see various tabs marching [more…]

How to Use Facebook on your Android Tablet

Of all the social networking sites you could have on your Android tablet, Facebook is the king. It’s the online place to go to catch up with friends, send messages, express your thoughts, share pictures [more…]

How to Access the Internet on Your Android Tablet

All Android tablets feature a web browsing app. The stock Android app is Google’s own Chrome web browser. Your tablet may have another web browser app, which may be named web, Browser, or Internet. The [more…]

How to Send an Attachment from Your Android Tablet

The most common e-mail attachment to send from an Android tablet is a picture or video. Some tablets may limit you to that choice, but other tablets may allow you to attach documents, music, and even random [more…]

How to Access Multiple Home Screens on Your Android Tablet

You will get to know the Home screen well on your Android tablet. The Home screen is more than what you see. It’s actually an entire street of Home screens, with only one Home screen [more…]

How to Review Notifications on Your Android Tablet

Notifications appear as icons at the top of the Home screen on your Android tablet. To review them, you pull down the notifications drawer by dragging your finger from the top of the screen downward. [more…]

How to Find and Use Apps on Your Android Tablet

You probably didn’t purchase a tablet so that you could enjoy the thrill-a-minute punch that’s packed by the Android operating system. No, an Android tablet’s success lies with the apps you obtain. Knowing [more…]

How to Sort and Search Your Android Tablet Address Book

The Android tablet’s address book displays contacts in a certain order. Most often, that order is alphabetically by first name. You can change this order if the existing arrangement drives you nuts. Here’s [more…]

How to Configure the Server Delete Option on Your Android Tablet

Non-Gmail e-mail that you fetch on your Android tablet is typically left on the e-mail server. That’s because, unlike a computer’s e-mail program, the Email app doesn’t delete messages after it picks them [more…]

How to Set Web Browser Privacy and Security Options on Your Android Tablet

As far as your Android tablet’s web browser app settings go, most of the security options are already enabled from the get go, including the blocking of pop-up windows [more…]


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