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Android Tablets

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How to Create Contact Groups on an Android Tablet

Aren't you popular! The address book on your Android tablet is an endless list of family, friends, business associates, and more. Create Contact Groups to keep them all organized. The advantage isn't so [more…]

Building App Folders for Your Android Tablet

Organize the Home screen on your Android tablet by building app folders to contain icons for your favorite apps. You save room on your Android Home screen by putting multiple apps into one folder. The [more…]

Ten Great Apps to Buy for Your Android Tablet

Why buy apps for your Android tablet when so many are free? One reason paid apps exist is that the apps are worth it. Android apps are a bargain when compared with the cost of computer software. For example [more…]

Android Tablets: Using the Google Play Store Wish List

The Google Play Store is chock-full of wonderful apps, some of which may pique your curiosity, but perhaps not to the point where the urge to click that Install or Buy button overwhelms you. For those [more…]

Android Tablet Tricks to Remember

You can get more done quickly on your Android tablet when you know a few tricks. Here is an assortment of handy time-saving tricks for you to keep in mind while you use, abuse, or excuse your tablet: [more…]

Android Tablet Home Screens

The main screen on an Android tablet is called the Home screen. You'll find several Home screen pages, some marching off to the left and others marching to the right, for a total of anywhere from five [more…]

Android Tablet Navigation Icons

Android tablets feature common icons for using the Home screen as well as for various apps. These navigation icons are often found at the bottom of the screen. [more…]

Basic Android Tablet Touchscreen Operations

It takes a certain finesse to work a touchscreen. Here are some of the common operations you can perform using your fingers on an Android tablet's touchscreen: [more…]

Android Tablets For Dummies Cheat Sheet

An Android tablet is a complex piece of electronics — delightful, inspirational, intimidating. Obviously, that qualifies it as the next great thing. It also means that if you want to get the most from [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Tablet to a Wi-Fi Network

After you’ve activated the Android tablet’s Wi-Fi radio, you can connect to an available wireless network. The method can vary, depending on whether or not the wireless router features WPS authentication [more…]

How to Change Wallpaper on Android Tablets

Wallpaper is the background on the Home and lock screens on your Android tablet. You can change and set the image on all Android tablets. Just choose between traditional or live [more…]

How to Add Security with Android Tablet’s Lock Screen

Use the lock screen to increase the protection of your Android tablet. Add a password, PIN, pattern, or face unlock, also called face recognition, for enhanced security. Employ a lock screen, which is [more…]

What Are All Those Hardware Pieces on Your Android Tablet?

In order to best use your Android tablet, you should be able to locate the hardware pieces that enable its functionality. On the front of the Android tablet, find the following goodies: [more…]

How to Insert and Remove the microSD Card from an Android Tablet

Some Android tablets use a removable media card on which they can store your stuff — photos, videos, music, evil plans. The card uses the microSD format, so it’s referred to as a microSD card or often [more…]

How to Activate Your Android Tablet

Android tablets that use the digital cellular network require activation before they can use that network. The process works like activating a cell phone, and it’s basically the same technology. The purpose [more…]

How to Link Your Google Account to Your Android Tablet

Information on your Android tablet is synchronized with the information from your Google account on the Internet. Information including your contact list, Gmail messages, calendar appointments, and other [more…]

How to Speak to Your Android Tablet Instead of Typing

Talking to your Android tablet really works, and works quite well, providing that you touch the Microphone key on the keyboard and properly dictate your text. [more…]

How to Use to Your Android Tablet’s Address Book

To peruse your Android tablet’s address book, start the Contacts app. You may be blessed to find that app's icon on the Home screen. If not, touch the Apps icon on the Home screen, and then touch the Contacts [more…]

How to Create a Contact from an E-mail on Your Android Tablet

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to build up the Contacts list on your Android tablet is to create a contact from an e-mail message. Follow these general steps when you receive a message from someone not [more…]

How to Import Contacts to Your Android Tablet from Your Computer

You can export the contacts from your computer’s e-mail program and then import them into your Android tablet. It’s not simple, but it’s certainly possible. [more…]

How to Join Identical Contacts on Your Android Tablet

Your Android tablet pulls contacts from multiple sources, such as Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo!, and even other apps such as Skype. Because of that, you may discover duplicate contact entries in the Contacts [more…]

How to Set Up E-Mail on Your Android Tablet

The Email app is used to access web-based e-mail, or webmail, from Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live, and what-have-you. It also lets you read e-mail provided by an Internet service provider [more…]

How to Upload a Picture from Your Android Tablet to Facebook

One of the many things your Android tablet can do is take pictures. Combine that feature with the Facebook app, and you have an all-in-one gizmo designed for sharing the various intimate and private moments [more…]

How to Google Talk and Video Chat from Your Android Tablet

You can talk or video chat with your friends via Google on your Android tablet by touching the Voice or Video icon in the text chat window. When you do, your friend receives an invite pop-up and a talk [more…]

How to Use the Android Tablet Maps App

You start the Maps app on your Android tablet by choosing Maps from the Apps screen. If you’re starting the app for the first time or it has been recently updated, you can read its What’s New screen; touch [more…]


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