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Android Settings & Features

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How to Organize Music on an Android Phone

A playlist is a collection of tunes you create. You build the list by combining songs from an album or artist or from whatever music you have on your Android phone. You can then listen to the playlist [more…]

How to Dictate to an Android Phone

Voice input is available on an Android phone whenever you see the Microphone icon. To begin voice input, touch its icon. The Voice Input screen appears. When you see the text [more…]

How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Text on an Android Phone

You probably won’t do a lot of text editing on your Android phone. Well, no major editing, such as for a term paper or ransom note. From time to time, however, you may find yourself wanting to fix a word [more…]

How to Speed Dial on an Android Phone

Your Android phone is capable of a great many feats, all of which were once considered extras — expensive extras — for the standard telephone. With the dawn of the push-button phone, you could punch in [more…]

How to Handle Multiple Calls at Once on an Android Phone

Your Android phone is probably capable of handling more than one call at a time. Most Android phones can put a call on hold, receive a second call, switch back and forth between two calls, and merge them [more…]

How to Make a Conference Call on an Android Phone

A conference call is one where you call multiple people at the same time, and you can all speak to each other. Using your Android phone, you make one call and then [more…]

How to Forward Calls on an Android Phone

Call forwarding is the process by which you reroute an incoming call with your Android phone. For example, you can send to your office all calls you receive while you’re on vacation. Then you have the [more…]

How to Set Music as a Ringtone on an Android Phone

Ringtones can be lots of fun. They uniquely identify your Android phone’s jingle, especially when you forget to mute your phone and you’re hustling to turn the thing off because everyone in the room is [more…]

How to Set Up Carrier Voice Mail on an Android Phone

The most basic form of voice mail is the free voice-mail service provided by your cell phone company. This standard feature has few frills and nothing that stands out differently, especially for your nifty [more…]

How to Import Android Phone Contacts from Your Computer

Your computer’s e-mail program is doubtless a useful repository of contacts you’ve built up over the years. You can export these contacts from your computer’s e-mail program and then import them into your [more…]

How to Create a New Android Phone Contact Using Its Location

Your Android phone’s address book is stored in an app traditionally named Contacts. Your cell phone may use a different app, such as the People app found on HTC phones, but the idea is the same: It’s the [more…]

How to Add a Picture to an Android Phone Contact

The simplest way to add a picture to an Android phone contact is to have the image already stored in the phone. You can snap a picture and save it, grab a picture from the Internet, or use any image already [more…]

Web Controls, Settings and Options on an Android Phone

More options and settings and controls exist for the Android phone Browser app than just about any other app on any Android phone. It’s complex.

The home page [more…]

How to Browse the Music Library on an Android Phone

Music Headquarters on an Android phone is the app named Music. You can start this app by touching its icon, found on the App menu, though it may also adorn the Home screen. [more…]

How to Play a Song on an Android Phone

To listen to music on your Android phone, you first find a song in the Music app’s library. After you find the song, you touch its title. The song plays in another window, similar to the one shown. [more…]

How to Transfer Music from Your Computer to an Android Phone

Your computer is the equivalent of the 20th century stereo system — a combination tuner, amplifier, and turntable, plus all your records and CDs. If you’ve already copied your music collection to your [more…]

How to Get Music from the Google Play Store for an Android Phone

Just like those popular mobile-music gizmos that rhyme with “pie rod,” your Android phone can play music. You can listen to songs you buy online, synchronize them from your computer, or find music on the [more…]

How to Listen to the Radio on an Android Phone

Music can be an impulsive thing, more often than not. Truly, for you to be able to listen to the proper song to match your current mood, your phone would have to sport one huge music library. Or perhaps [more…]

Basics of the Alarm Clock on an Android Phone

Your Android phone keeps constant and accurate track of the time, which is displayed at the top of the Home screen and also when you first wake up the phone. When you’d rather have the phone wake you up [more…]

How to Read Books on an Android Phone

An eBook is an electronic version of a book. The words, formatting, figures, pictures ¯ all that stuff is simply stored digitally so that you can read it on something called an eBook reader. Your Android [more…]

How to Watch Movies on an Android Phone

Your Android phone has the ability to let you view movies, TV shows, and Internet video on its relatively diminutive screen. The cheapest way to view video on your phone is to access YouTube. It’s the [more…]

How to Manage Apps on an Android Phone

The Google Play Store is not only where you buy apps for an Android phone — it’s also the place you return to for performing app management. This task includes reviewing apps you’ve downloaded, updating [more…]

Digital Networks on an Android Phone

You pay your cellular provider a handsome fee every month. The fee comes in two chunks. One chunk (the less expensive of the two) is the telephone service. The second chunk is the data service, which is [more…]

How to Access Wi-Fi on an Android Phone

Wi-Fi is the same wireless networking standard used by computers for communicating with each other and the Internet. Making Wi-Fi work on your Android phone requires two steps. First, you must activate [more…]

How to Create a Mobile Hotspot with an Android Phone

The mobile hotspot feature allows your Android phone to share its cellular data connection by creating a Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi devices — computers, laptops, other mobile devices — can then access [more…]


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