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Changing from HTC Sense Input Keyboard to Smart Keyboard Pro

Smart Keyboard Pro is an Android app that lets you use multitouch typing on your HTC One (M8). It supports multiple languages and lets you customize auto text. Follow these steps to install the app on [more…]

Turning Off the HTC One BlinkFeed App

You can turn off the BlinkFeed app on your HTC One (M8) if you don't want customized content streamed to you. If you miss getting highlights from social media, websites, and developers, you can turn BlinkFeed [more…]

Using Google Now to Your Best Advantage

To get started, tap the Google icon or say "Okay Google." What can Google Now do for you? It can answer questions or open apps. Google Now can do things on your HTC One [more…]

Using HTC One Shortcuts

Your HTC One (M8) shortcuts let you tap the Home screen icons to get to major apps like your phone, messaging, and the web. Other icons help you identify phone calls, get directions, and choose camera [more…]

HTC One (M8) For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The HTC One (M8) smartphone has a multitouch keyboard and an available Android app that helps with auto text and customization. Its other apps, including Google Now [more…]

Buying Books from the Google Play Store on Your HTC One (M8)

Shopping at the Google Play Store can lead to buying apps, music, or movies. You also can buy books from the Google Play Store and have them delivered to your door. [more…]

Using Pandora on Your HTC One (M8)

You can play music on your smartphone via the internet radio station Pandora. With your HTC One (M8), choose or customize a Pandora station and change genres. Downloading the Pandora app to your smartphone [more…]

Adding a Security App to Your HTC One (M8)

Your employer might ask you to BYOD (bring your own device). Adding a security app to your HTC One (M8) — in this case, NQ Mobile — helps make your smartphone even safer. Some security apps are free, but [more…]

10 Things the HTC One (M8) Has That the M7 Doesn't

The HTC One (M8) smartphone has a superior touchscreen, memory, and camera. Upgrading to M8 gives you a better smartphone camera, a bigger touchscreen, a slot for a MicroSD card [more…]

Adding a Contact from a Text on Your HTC One (M8)

Your HTC One (M8) stores all your contact information in one place. You can add a new contact when someone calls, texts, or emails you. Your smartphone also can add information to an existing contact. [more…]

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