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Android Apps & Utilities

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How to Create an E-mail Signature on an Android Phone

You can have oodles of fun and waste oceans of time confirming and customizing the e-mail experience on your Android phone. One of the most interesting things you can do is to modify or create an e-mail [more…]

How to Listen to the Radio on an Android Phone

Music can be an impulsive thing, more often than not. Truly, for you to be able to listen to the proper song to match your current mood, your phone would have to sport one huge music library. Or perhaps [more…]

Basics of the Alarm Clock on an Android Phone

Your Android phone keeps constant and accurate track of the time, which is displayed at the top of the Home screen and also when you first wake up the phone. When you’d rather have the phone wake you up [more…]

How to Read Books on an Android Phone

An eBook is an electronic version of a book. The words, formatting, figures, pictures ¯ all that stuff is simply stored digitally so that you can read it on something called an eBook reader. Your Android [more…]

How to Watch Movies on an Android Phone

Your Android phone has the ability to let you view movies, TV shows, and Internet video on its relatively diminutive screen. The cheapest way to view video on your phone is to access YouTube. It’s the [more…]

How to Get a Free App from the Google Play Store for an Android Phone

The most common and traditional items to hunt down at the Google Play Store are apps for your Android phone. More than 500,000 apps are available there, and most of the apps are free. Even the paid apps [more…]

How to Buy an App from the Google Play Store with an Android Phone

Some great free apps are available for your Android phone at the Google Play Store, but many of the apps you dearly want probably cost money. It’s not a lot of money, especially compared to the price of [more…]

How to Manage Apps on an Android Phone

The Google Play Store is not only where you buy apps for an Android phone — it’s also the place you return to for performing app management. This task includes reviewing apps you’ve downloaded, updating [more…]

How to Create a Mobile Hotspot with an Android Phone

The mobile hotspot feature allows your Android phone to share its cellular data connection by creating a Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi devices — computers, laptops, other mobile devices — can then access [more…]

How to Access Stored Files on an Android Phone

Information stored on your Android phone (pictures, videos, music) is kept in two places: on the removable MicroSD card and on the phone’s internal storage. That’s about all you need to know, though if [more…]

How to Add Apps to the Android Phone Home Screen

An Android phone can have anywhere from five to nine (or more) Home screen panels. Of course, the phone comes preconfigured with an armada of icons and widgets festooning every panel. You can customize [more…]

How to Add Widgets to the Android Phone Home Screen

The Home screen on an Android phone is the place where you can find widgets, or tiny, interactive information windows. A widget often provides a gateway into another app, or displays information such as [more…]

How to Move Home Screen Panels on an Android Phone

Some Android phones allow you to rearrange the Home screen panels. You might even be allowed to add or remove panels. Such a feature is offered by the phone’s manufacturer; it isn’t a native part of the [more…]

Android Phone Locks

Your Android phone comes with a lock, the simple touchscreen gizmo you slide to unlock the phone and gain access to its information and features. For most folks, this lock is secure enough. For others, [more…]

How to Force Close an App on an Android Phone

Sometimes, apps that misbehave let you know. You see a warning on the Android phone screen announcing the app’s stubborn disposition. Touch the Force Close button to shut down the errant app. [more…]

Android Phone Task Manager Functions

If you want to get your hands dirty with some behind-the-scenes stuff on your Android phone, Task Manager is the app to open. It’s not for everyone. The Task Manager app is found on the App menu. It may [more…]

How to Add a Word to an Android Phone Dictionary

Betcha didn’t know that your Android phone sports a dictionary. The dictionary is used to keep track of words you type — words that may not be recognized as being spelled properly. [more…]

Quick Launch Feature for Android Phone Apps

If your Android phone features a physical keyboard, you’re in for a treat: You can assign app shortcuts to the 36 keys on that keyboard. That’s one shortcut per letter key, A through Z, plus 10 for the [more…]

Android Phone Apps Worth Downloading

Nothing stirs up controversy like stating that some Android apps are more worthy than the 500,000-plus apps available at the Google Play Store. But Android experts certainly like the ones listed here. [more…]

Upgrading and Protecting Your Android Device

The Android version number on your device is buried rather deeply in the menus, but there isn't a lot you can do with the information anyway. In this video, Dan Gookin, author of Android Tablets for Dummies [more…]

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