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Education and Children’s Apps for Android

Education and children’s apps abound for Android devices. These apps focus on test preparation, math concepts and skills, drawing, interactive storybooks, and other educational games for children of all [more…]

Finance Apps for Android

Several finance apps are available for Android devices. You can track sales and expenses for your small business, obtain current stock and other financial information, set up and track a debt payoff plan [more…]

Android Apps for E-Book Readers

When it comes to electronic book (e-book) readers, Amazon’s Kindle is probably the first name that comes to mind. The Kindle for Android app is easy to use, and despite the vast selection of e-books in [more…]

Communications Apps for Android

Communications apps for Android devices include Web browser software, video and voice calling apps, visual voicemail, call blocking apps, e-mail apps, messaging software, and more. The apps listed below [more…]

Shopping for Apps at the Android Market

You can shop for apps (software applications) for Android devices at the Android Market. Android apps are also available from other sources. The Android Market is an [more…]

How to Purchase and Install Android Apps

You can easily install Android apps (software applications) on your mobile device, whether they are free apps or “paid” apps that charge a fee. You’ll find most apps at the Android Market [more…]

Entertainment Apps for Android

Entertainment apps for Android devices run the gamut from drawing programs to video on demand software. Other apps in the entertainment category inform you on upcoming movie and DVD releases, help you [more…]

Games Apps for Android

Want to play games with your Android? You've got a lot of apps to choose from, including games in which you hurl birds, shoot marbles, maneuver jewels, navigate through mazes, act as an air traffic controller [more…]

Looking at the Android Operating System

The term Android can refer to either an Android mobile device or to the Android operating system. The Android operating system powers all Android devices. Think of it as the underlying software that instructs [more…]

Using Android on Devices Other Than Phones

The Android operating system is designed for use in mobile devices, but not all Android devices are mobile phones. The majority of Android devices on the market now are cell phones, but that’s starting [more…]

Android Apps for News and Weather

You’ll find quite a few news and weather apps available for Android devices. These newsworthy resources include apps from such as the Associated Press, National Public Radio, and USA Today. News aggregator [more…]

Photography and Video Apps for Android

Oodles of camera and video apps are available for Android devices. Nearly all of them add features to the mix that most Android devices’ default camera apps don’t typically offer. You can enhance images [more…]

Productivity and Business Apps for Android

Many business-related Android apps are ready to help with common business and productivity tasks. These apps assist with scanning business cards, taking notes, working with Microsoft Office documents, [more…]

Android Apps for Health, Food, and Fitness

A variety of Android apps fall into the health, food, and fitness category. You can use these apps to count calories, find recipes, locate or input nutritional information on your favorite foods, and track [more…]

Music Apps for Android

Music apps available for Android include audio players that sync music from your computer to your Android device, touch synthesizers, audio/video podcast managers, and audio file editors. Other music apps [more…]

Social Networking Apps for Android

You’ll find plenty of social networking apps available for Android devices. These apps provide access to common social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, there are apps [more…]

Sports Apps for Android

Sports fans can find a variety of sports apps available for Android devices. You can keep track of the latest scores and stats for your favorite sports teams, manage teams and players for fantasy leagues [more…]

Reference Apps for Android

Reference apps for Android devices include language translators, collaborative dictionaries, visual and computational search engines, and algebraic and scientific calculators. Another cool reference app [more…]

Android Apps for Shopping and Dining Out

These days, there’s little you can’t purchase via online shopping. Android apps for shopping and dining out access well-known sites such as, Craigslist, eBay, and Yelp. You’ll also find apps [more…]

Android Apps for Travel and Navigation

Numerous travel and navigation apps are available for Android devices. These include several GPS navigation and mapping apps that offer a variety of features, apps that track flights and locate hotels, [more…]

Utilities Apps for Android

There are many utility apps available that help keep your Android device and installed apps running smoothly. These apps enable you to manage your device and sync files between multiple systems, manage [more…]

Tools Apps for Android

Tools apps for Android devices include a variety of useful features. With these apps, you can monitor your phone’s data usage, manage files and apps, use your device as a broadband modem, back up your [more…]

The HTC ThunderBolt Smartphone's Home Screen

The main screen on the Android OS smartphone ThunderBolt is called Home. You can have as many as seven Home screens on your ThunderBolt phone, all of which are illustrated here: [more…]

Basic HTC ThunderBolt Smartphone Touchscreen Operations

It takes a certain finesse to work a touchscreen gizmo. (That and teensy fingers.) Here are some of the common operations you can perform using your fingers on the Android OS ThunderBolt smartphone's touchscreen [more…]

ThunderBolt Smartphone Tricks to Remember

Here’s an assortment of handy, time-saving tricks for you to keep in mind while you use, abuse, or excuse your new Android OS ThunderBolt smartphone: [more…]

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