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Android Phone Air Travel Tips

Traveling can be stressful, but having your Android phone with you can make things a little easier. Here are some cell phone and airline travel tips: [more…]

Airplane Mode on Your Android Phone

The rules about flying on an airplane with a cell phone like your Android are changing. Where it was once outright forbidden to even look at a cell phone while the plane was aloft, governments around the [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Phone to a Computer

Communication between your computer and your Android phone works fastest when both devices are physically connected. This connection happens by using the USB cable. As with nearly every computer cable [more…]

How to Configure Your Android’s USB Connection

Upon the successful connection of your Android phone to a computer, you have the option of configuring the USB connection. A menu appears, either automatically or when you choose the USB notification. [more…]

How to Connect Your Android Phone to a Mac

You need special software to deal with the Android-phone-to-Macintosh connection. That’s because the Mac doesn’t natively recognize Android phones. Weird, huh? It’s like Apple wants you to buy some other [more…]

How to Connect Android Phones Wirelessly with Kies Air

Samsung phones feature an app called Kies Air, which is used to wirelessly connect your Android phone to a computer. As long as both the phone and the computer are on the same Wi-Fi network, the connection [more…]

How to Share Android Files with the Cloud

A handy way to share files between a computer and your Android phone is to use cloud storage. That’s just fancy talk for storing files on the Internet. [more…]

Browsing Dates and Appointments in the Android’s Calendar App

The ideal datebook and appointment calendar is the Calendar app on your Android phone. Combined with the Google Calendar feature on the Internet, you can manage all your scheduling right on your Android [more…]

How to Review Appointments in the Android’s Calendar App

To see more detail about an event in the Calendar app on your Android phone, touch it. When you’re using month view, touch the event’s date to see the week view. Then choose the event again to see its [more…]

How to Create an Event in the Android’s Calendar App

The key to making the calendar work on your Android phone is to add events: appointments, things to do, meetings, or full-day events such as birthdays or colonoscopies. To create an event, follow these [more…]

Google Now on Your Android Phone

Don’t worry about the Android phone controlling too much of your life: It harbors no insidious intelligence, and the Robot Revolution is still years away. Until then, you can use your phone’s listening [more…]

How to Set the Flash on Your Android’s Camera App

The Camera app on your Android phone features three flash settings. The current setting is shown on the Control icon (refer to the figure, where the setting is Auto flash). [more…]

How to Set the Image Resolution on Your Android’s Camera App

You don’t always have to set the highest resolution for your images in Android’s Camera app, especially when you’re shooting for the web or uploading pictures to Facebook, where you really won’t want the [more…]

How to Use Voice Navigation on Your Android Phone

Maps and lists of directions are so twentieth century; luckily, your Android phone features a digital copilot, in the form of voice navigation. To use navigation, obey these steps: [more…]

The Earth App on Your Android Phone

The Earth app is similar to the Maps app on your Android phone, but with one huge difference: It covers the entire planet. And while you can get around and explore your locale or destination using the [more…]

How to Upload Pictures to Facebook from Your Android Phone

One of the many things your Android phone can do is take pictures. Combine that feature with the Facebook app, and you have an all-in-one gizmo designed for sharing the various intimate and private moments [more…]

Twitter and Your Android Phone

Twitter is a social networking site, similar to Facebook but with increased brevity. On Twitter, you write short spurts of text that express your thoughts or observations, or you share links. Or, you can [more…]

How to Use the Web Browser App on Your Android Phone

Your Android phone features a web-browsing app. The stock Android app is Google’s own Chrome web browser. Your phone may use another web browser app. Common names for that app include Web, Browser, and [more…]

How to Browse Multiple Web Pages on Your Android Phone

Your Android phone’s web browser features a multitabbed interface, where you can browse several web pages in multiple windows or tabs. Sometimes the tabs appear across the top of the screen; other times [more…]

How to Share a Web Page from Your Android Phone

There it is on your Android screen. That web page that you just have to talk about to everyone you know. The gauche way to share the page is to copy and paste it. However, you know the better way to share [more…]

How to Receive E-Mails on Your Android Phone

All Android phones work flawlessly with Gmail. In fact, if Gmail is already set up to be your main e-mail address, you’ll enjoy having access to your messages all the time from your phone. [more…]

Composing New E-Mail Messages on Your Android Phone

When an e-mail message demands an immediate reply, you can compose a new e-mail message on your Android phone using any of the methods presented here. [more…]

How to Work with E-Mail Attachments on Your Android Phone

The key to understanding e-mail attachments on your Android phone is to look for the paperclip icon. When you find that icon, you can either deal with an attachment for incoming e-mail or add an attachment [more…]

Configure the E-Mail Server Delete Option on Your Android Phone

You can control whether the Email app on your Android removes messages after they’re picked up. Non-Gmail e-mail that you fetch on your phone typically remains on the e-mail server. That’s because, unlike [more…]

How to Choose a Texting App for Your Android Phone

Traditionally, Android phones come with one texting app. It’s usually called Texting, although Messages, Messaging, and Text Messaging are also popular. The Google Hangouts app can also handle text messages [more…]

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