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Map App Functions on an Android Phone

Perhaps the best thing about using the Maps app on your Android is that there’s no risk of improperly folding anything. Even better, the Maps app charts everything you need to find your way: freeways, [more…]

How to Add Layers to a Map on an Android Phone

You add details to a map in the Android’s Map app by applying layers: A layer can enhance the map’s visual appearance, provide more information, or add other fun features to the basic street map, such [more…]

How to Locate Yourself and Others with an Android Phone

You can never get lost as long as you have your Android phone’s Maps app. That’s because it always knows where you are — even when you don’t. [more…]

How to Locate Addresses on an Android Phone

The Maps app on your Android can help you find places in the real world, just as the phone’s web browser app helps you find places on the Internet. Both operations work basically the same way: Open the [more…]

How to Get Directions on an Android Phone

Thanks to its various direction and navigation features, the Maps app on your Android phone stands at the ready, waiting to be your copilot. It’s just like having a backseat driver, but one who knows where [more…]

Basics of the Camera App on an Android Phone

A camera snob will tell you that no true camera has a ringtone. You know what? He’s correct: Phones don’t make the best cameras. Regardless, your Android phone has a camera. It can capture both still and [more…]

How to Take Pictures with an Android Phone

After it’s started, the Camera app on your Android takes over the phone, turning the touchscreen into a viewfinder. The stock Android version of the Camera app is shown here. Your phone may use a customized [more…]

How to Record Video with an Android Phone

To capture moving pictures, or video, with your Android phone, switch the camera mode in the Camera app to video recording. The same icon is used to switch between still and moving images. [more…]

Basics of the Photo Gallery on an Android Phone

Although you can generally preview a previously shot picture or video on your Android, the place you go to look at the gamut of visual media is the app named Gallery. [more…]

How to Share Images with an Android Phone

The key to getting images out of your Android phone and into the world is to look for the Share icon in the Gallery app. Touch that icon while viewing an image, and peruse the apps shown on the list to [more…]

Text Chatting with the Hangouts App on Your Android Phone

Text chatting is one of the oldest forms of communication on the Internet. People type text back and forth at each other, which can be tedious, but it remains popular. To text chat in the Hangouts app, [more…]

Talking and Video Chat with the Hangouts App on Android

Take the hangout up a notch by touching the Video icon on your Android phone. When you do, your friend receives a pop-up invite, as shown. Touch the Accept icon to begin talking. [more…]

Image Management in Your Android Phone’s Gallery App

The Gallery app on your Android is more than just a photo album. It also sports features that let you perform some minor image surgery. Here are a few of the more interesting options. [more…]

How to Pin Music on Your Android Phone

Most of the music you have in your Google Play Music library, especially music obtained from the Play Store, is actually stored on the Internet, not on the Android phone. As long as you have an Internet [more…]

How to Browse the Music Library on an Android Phone

After you start the Play Music app o your Android, you see a screen similar to the one shown here. To view your music library, choose My Library from the navigation drawer. Your music library appears on [more…]

How to Play a Song on an Android Phone

To listen to music on your Android phone, you first find a song in your music library. After you find the song, you touch its title. The song plays on another screen, similar to what’s shown here. [more…]

How to Transfer Music from Your Computer to an Android Phone

Your computer is the equivalent of the twentieth-century stereo system — a combination tuner, amplifier, and turntable, plus all your records and CDs. If you’ve already copied your music collection to [more…]

How to Get Music from the Google Play Store for an Android Phone

It’s possible to get your music from the same source where you get apps for your Android phone — the Google Play Store. The music you buy at the Play Store isn’t downloaded to your phone. It shows up, [more…]

How to Organize Music on an Android Phone

The Play Music app on your Android categorizes your music by album, artist, song, and so forth, but unless you have only one album and enjoy all the songs on it, that configuration probably won’t do. To [more…]

How to Listen to the Radio on an Android Phone

Although they’re not broadcast radio stations, some sources on the Internet —Internet radio sites — play music. Lamentably, your Android phone doesn’t come with any Internet radio apps, but that doesn’t [more…]

Basics of the Alarm Clock on an Android Phone

Your Android phone keeps constant and accurate track of the time, which is displayed at the top of the Home screen and also when you unlock the phone. When you’d rather have the phone wake you up, you [more…]

How to Watch Movies on an Android Phone

It’s not possible to watch “real” TV on your Android phone, but a few apps come close. The YouTube app is handy for watching random, meaningless drivel, which makes it a lot like TV. Then there’s the Play [more…]

Getting Apps for Android Phones from the Google Play Store

Most apps for your Android phone are available for free in the Google Play Store. Even the apps you pay for don’t cost dearly. In fact, it seems odd to sit and stew over whether paying 99 cents for a game [more…]

How to Install Android Apps from a Computer

You don’t need to use the Play Store app on your Android phone to install apps. Using a computer, you can visit the Google Play website, choose an app, and have it installed remotely. It’s kind of cool [more…]

How to Manage Apps on an Android Phone

The apps you install on your Android phone originate from the Play Store. And that’s where you can return to for app management. The task includes reviewing apps you’ve downloaded, updating apps, and removing [more…]

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