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Soft Buttons on the ThunderBolt Smartphone

The HTC ThunderBolt phone features four soft buttons, found below the touchscreen. The Android OS smartphone's buttons provide a welcome consistency, so knowing how they work is important to getting the [more…]

Help and Support for Your ThunderBolt Smartphone

When things get tough with your Android OS ThunderBolt smartphone, contact HTC or your cellular service provider at the following numbers and addresses. You could also try the Android Market [more…]

HTC ThunderBolt For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your Internet overlords have provided this Cheat Sheet to help you become acquainted with your Android OS ThunderBolt smartphone. ThunderBolt is a delightful gizmo, but a bit daunting. This online guide [more…]

Atrix 4G Smartphone Tricks to Remember

You can perform several basic actions with just your voice or fingers on your Atrix 4G’s touchscreen. Consider your everyday operations with these smartphone options: [more…]

Atrix 4G Smartphone Help and Support

If you ever happen to find yourself in really serious phone trouble, here are a few of the trusted places to turn to for help with your Atrix 4G smartphone. [more…]

Atrix 4G Home Screens

The main screen on the Atrix 4G smartphone is called the Home screen, but not everything you have loaded on your phone can be displayed in just one screen. There are actually seven Home screens to choose [more…]

Soft Buttons on the Atrix 4G Smartphone

The Atrix 4G features four soft buttons, found below the touchscreen. These are the buttons you will use the most on your new smartphone. The following table gives you a peek at what the buttons look like [more…]

Atrix 4G Smartphone Touchscreen Operations

Your fingers — and a little know-how — is all you need to carry out a variety of day-to-day operations on your Atrix 4G’s touchscreen. With just a touch, here's what you can do with you Atrix smartphone [more…]

Motorola Atrix For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Getting to know all of your Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone’s features might seem daunting, but you can use this handy Cheat Sheet to give you a great start. Get acquainted with the soft menu buttons and [more…]

Helpful Hints for Developing Andoid Apps

While solving problems with Android is a simple task, we all get to the point in which we’re not sure what to do. The list below should point you in the right direction if you need help designing your [more…]

Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts

You’ll most likely spend most of your Android development career in the Eclipse IDE. The following table shows a few keyboard shortcuts that can help you save a lot of time. [more…]

Common Android Intent Usage

An Intent object in Android is, well, exactly that: an intent. The best way to think about intents is to envision turning on a light with a light switch. Your intent is to turn on the light, and to do [more…]

Developing for Multiple Screen Sizes in Android

One of the challenges that you will encounter during your time as an Android developer is developing apps for multiple screen sizes. There are many things to keep in mind during your adventure into screen [more…]

Android Tablet Application Development For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you've decided to develop applications for the Android platform, immersing yourself into the various screen sizes, framework intricacies, and dependencies can leave your head spinning; therefore, here [more…]

Droid Bionic: Add a Social Networking Account

When you start the Social Networking app on your Droid Bionic for the first time, the only thing you see is the Add a Social Network button. Obviously, the app is trying to sell you something: You need [more…]

Droid Bionic: Manage Your Social Networking Accounts

When you change things around in your online social life, you need to update your account information in the Social Networking app on the Droid Bionic. For example, if you find yourself loathing Twitter [more…]

Droid Bionic Social Networking App: Read Status Updates

When you start the Social Networking app on the Droid Bionic, you see a list of status updates, news, and tweets from your social networking pals, similar to the ones shown in this figure. Tiny icons flag [more…]

Droid Bionic Social Networking App: Set Your Status

When you use the Social Networking app on the Droid Bionic, sharing the most intimate details of your life with the entire online universe is as simple as it can be potentially embarrassing. There's no [more…]

Droid Bionic: Pictures and the Social Networking App

There is no direct way to send a picture to your social networking sites using the Social Networking app. Instead, that you take the picture and then visit the Gallery. You can then share the picture by [more…]

Droid Bionic: Facebook App

To get access to more popular Facebook features than the Social Networking app provides for on the Droid Bionic, download the Facebook for Android app. You can scan the QR code shown or visit the Android [more…]

Droid Bionic: Twitter App

Your Droid Bionic is capable of letting you tweet from wherever you are. The Twitter social networking site proves the hypothesis that everyone will be famous on the Internet for 140 characters or fewer [more…]

Activate Your Droid Bionic Location Technology

The Droid Bionic knows where you are. Not only does it have a GPS, but by using the Maps app, you can also instantly find out where you are and what’s nearby and even send your location to someone else [more…]

Use the Droid Bionic Maps App

Your location, as well as the location of things near and far, is found on the Droid Bionic by using the Maps app. The Maps app charts the entire country, including freeways, highways, roads, streets, [more…]

Droid Bionic Maps App: Add Layers

You add details from the Droid Bionic Maps app by applying layers: A layer can enhance the map’s visual appearance, provide more information, or add other fun features to the basic street map, such as [more…]

Droid Bionic: Shop at the Android Market

Obtaining new apps, books, and movie rentals for your Droid Bionic can be done anywhere that you and your phone just happen to be. You don’t even need to know what you want; like many a mindless ambling [more…]


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