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How to Create Base Functions for a Members-Only Website

The first step in creating any large application, such as a members-only website, is to create some base files that will be used to house generic functions. For this application, you use that validation [more…]

How to Secure Your Server

As a web developer, you need to ensure that your web application is secure. If you're also performing administration duties on the server, then you need to secure the server as well. The server itself [more…]

Secure PHP Applications with SuExec

If your application runs on Apache (as more than half the websites on the Internet do), you may want to consider enabling SuExec in your Apache configuration. [more…]

Use FTP Functions to Ensure Safe File Uploads

It’s fairly common for web applications to allow users to upload files for one reason or another. You need to ensure those uploads are safe. For instance, some message boards allow users to upload small [more…]


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