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Understanding VBA Functions and Their Uses

A function performs a calculation and returns a single value. The SUM function adds the sum of a range of values. The same holds true for functions used in your VBA expressions: Each function does its [more…]

Meeting the Tools in the Visual Basic Toolbox

When you write a Visual Basic program, you first have to design the user interface. Essentially, a Visual Basic user interface consists of objects that you place on the screen and arrange in some semblance [more…]

Working with Code in Visual Basic 2008

Of the programs you create with Visual Studio, most of what you want the user to see are the controls and the forms. But you will be spending most of your time working with code. Fortunately, Visual Studio [more…]

Defining VBA and Its Uses

VBA, which stands for Visual Basic for Applications, is a programming language developed by Microsoft — you know, the company run by the richest man in the world. Excel, along with the other members of [more…]

Saying Hello to Visual Basic 2005!

In this article, you'll get started with the classic Hello World program. Although this isn't the single most exciting application you can build, it helps to make sure that your development environment [more…]

Drawing Objects with Visual Basic

Despite the different varieties of user interfaces available, most graphical user interfaces share similar features such as displaying text or pictures in a [more…]

Picking a Program to Create with Visual Basic

After you load Visual Basic, the New Project dialog box appears, giving you two options. You can [more…]

Touring the Design View of Visual Basic 2008

When you launch Visual Studio (usually by selecting its icon on your Start menu) and begin any visual project, you see the Design View. The Design View is where the Graphical User Interface [more…]

Organizing Your Project with the Solution Explorer

Solutions and projects hold forms and components like files in folders. In fact, solutions and projects are represented by folders in the Visual Studio Projects directory of your My Documents folder. The [more…]

Arranging Windows with Visual Basic Docking

With so many windows cluttering up the screen, you can see how easily the windows overlap one another and just get in the way. To help solve this problem, Visual Basic offers a docking feature. [more…]

Visual Basic's Role in the Framework

Part of the difficulty that many programmers face when moving to the .NET Framework is the terminology, which can get confusing. Put the problem with terminology to bed right now. Check out this list of [more…]

Finding More Power in Visual Studio

When you look beyond the Windows form and the code structure, a few details become evident. For instance, Visual Studio takes your VB code beyond the Windows form. The following article gives you an overview [more…]

Shortcut Keys for the Visual Basic .NET Editor

Visual Basic .NET not only helps you program like a pro even if you have no programming experience at all, it offers many handy tools to help. One of those tools is a whole range of shortcut keys you can [more…]

Visual Basic .NET Data Types

Visual Basic .NET (VB .NET) lets you get right to the basics without having to wade through translators. The following table shows you the data types VB .NET uses, as well as their CLR structure, storage [more…]

Standardized Naming Conventions for Visual Basic .NET

When you’re programming, names are important. If you’re programming with Visual Basic .NET, the following table can be a major help in getting the names right. It gives the common prefix to use when naming [more…]

Visual Basic.NET All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Visual Basic.NET helps even those with no programming experience write sophisticated programs for Windows with ease. Becoming familiar with the Visual Basic.NET naming conventions and data types sets you [more…]

VBA Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re using VBA to streamline your Windows programs and operations, making use of the shortcut keys in the following list can help you streamline even more quickly and easily. [more…]

Common VBA Functions

VBA helps you dig into your Windows programming. The VBA functions in the following list are ones used most often or that have proven to be quite helpful: [more…]

Standard VBA Data Types

VBA works with a variety of data types to help you make adjustments to Windows programs. The following table shows the standard VBA data types, how big they are and describes their functions: [more…]

VBA For Dummies Cheat Sheet

VBA helps you get the upper hand with your computer but giving you the ability to dig into programming. To do this, you need to be familiar with VBA functions and data types, and some keyboard shortcuts [more…]

Using the My Object in Visual Basic 2008

The most impressive single language feature in Visual Basic 2008 is the My object. The My object is an object that exposes commonly used .NET technology through an easy-to-understand hierarchy. In short [more…]

Keyboard Shortcut Keys for Visual Studio in Visual Basic 2008

A ton of shortcut key combinations are built into the Visual Studio feature of Visual Basic 2008, and you can feel free to use them all. You can also make your own keyboard shortcuts in the Options dialog [more…]

How to Modify the Options Panels in Visual Basic 2008

You can change almost everything about how you use your programming environment from the Options dialog box in Visual Basic 2008. Take the time to familiarize yourself with this handy dialog box and set [more…]

Visual Basic 2008 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Visual Basic is a much-used programming language, and Visual Basic 2008 makes using it easier than ever. The My object helps you look through the layers to see the whole structure. And, you get access [more…]

Visual Studio 2010 Technology and Terminology

Visual Studio 2010 and the .NET framework included their own terminology for these technologies. The following table includes definitions of some common terms you’ll encounter as you develop applications [more…]


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