Understanding Programming

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Basic HTML Elements

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the language of the web, where elements dictate the formatting and style of your content. HTML elements compose the downloaded coding that you see when you go to a web [more…]

Use Classes in Programming for Efficiency

Classes can be used to provide shortcuts and helpers throughout programming. For example, you might have a class to define a user. You can then add functions [more…]

5 Tips for WebLogic Server Administrators

A WebLogic Server administrator's job has many facets. And as you administer systems, you gain experience of what works and what doesn't work. Here are five useful tips for WebLogic Server administration [more…]

Monitoring WebLogic Servers

Monitoring your sever is an important task that every WebLogic Server administrator must deal with. You'll monitor whether your server is up as well as the server load. Monitoring allows you to quickly [more…]

Keeping WebLogic Server Up-to-Date

You should be aware of any patches as well as the current version of WebLogic Server. Patches correct errors and security issues that occur between major releases of WebLogic Server. You should download [more…]


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