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SQL For Dummies Cheat Sheet

This Cheat Sheet consists of several helpful tables and lists, containing information that comes up repeatedly when working with SQL. In one place, you can get a quick answer to a number of different questions [more…]

Creating Sturdy Databases in SQL

With SQL, getting the structure of a database right is pretty important if you want to be able to pull accurate information from it later. Surprisingly however, many novice database developers give little [more…]

Reliably Retrieving Data with SQL

After you create a database in SQL, the next step is to fill it with data. The next step after that is to wait around until there's a need for some particular bit of information contained somewhere in [more…]

Controlling Personnel in SQL

Even SQL can't defend you against bad application design — that's strictly a live-and-learn proposition. But if you take full advantage of the tools that SQL provides, SQL [more…]

Using SQL to Connect Databases

SQL, along with a few specific tools, can connect databases across different database management systems (DBMS). Databases created by different DBMS have their data organized in different ways, and each [more…]

Managing Rows in a Table in SQL

SQL deals with data a set at a time. Cursors come into play only if you want to violate that principle and grapple with the data a row at a time. Why would you want to do that? It's very cool that all [more…]

10 Steps to SQL Success

The purpose of SQL is to enable developers to create useful and robust databases and database applications. In order to be successful at this, your development effort should pass through a series of stages [more…]

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