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Macintosh Programming

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Working with Interface Windows in Cocoa

Perhaps the most important element of any GUI-based application is the window. In fact, it's so important that those guys from Redmond used it to name their operating system. The windows in an application [more…]

What Is Scripting, Anyway?

Why is this AppleScript stuff called scripting? The answer is unclear, but it was probably a marketing ploy to keep people from thinking about programming. While real people tend to think of programming [more…]

Building Graphics with Cocoa Programming

To do any type of graphics programming in Cocoa, familiarize yourself with a few important Cocoa data structures: NSPoint, NSRect, NSSize, and NSColor. You'll need them so they make a good starting point [more…]

Saving Time and Energy with Cocoa Programming Tips

Programming computers can be tedious and grueling. Save some time and make your Cocoa programming easier with these handy tips and tricks. [more…]

Polishing Your Development Tools for Cocoa Programming

Cocoa is one kind of programming that you can perform with Apple's Developer Tools. Cocoa is a collection of tools and libraries that allows you to get the most out of Mac OS X programming. Many features [more…]

Rules for Naming AppleScript's Variables

Because the Mac lacks common sense, there are rules that define what a variable can be called. Variable names [more…]

Declaring Classes and Sending Messages in Objective-C

Object-oriented programming languages enable you to declare classes, create derived classes (subclass), and send messages to the objects instantiated from a class. This is the essence of object-oriented [more…]

Making an Objective-C Statement

Programming iOS and Mac OS X apps in Objective-C is about making a statement. You can recognize a statement in Objective-C immediately by noting the semicolon at the end: [more…]

Objective-C Built-in Data Types and New Data Types

The variables you declare in Objective-C — Objective-C data types — must be a type that the compiler can recognize. Objective-C comes with a number of built-in data types, as well as mechanisms to create [more…]

Objective-C Operators

Objective-C operators, like those in other programming languages, let you perform operations on variables (hence the name). Objective-C provides many operators, and keeping track of all of them can be [more…]

Control Statements and Loops in Objective-C

In programming, as in life, you have to make decisions and act on them. Objective-C provides control statements and loops to help your program take action. You may want to repeat a set of instructions [more…]

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