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Draw a Basic Rectangle with the HTML5 Canvas Tag

To use the canvas tag available in HTML5, build a web page with a canvaselement in it. Typically, you provide width, height, and id parameters to indicate how big the cnavas is, like so: [more…]

How to Include Images on Your Web Page with HTML5 Canvas

While HTML has long had support for images, the canvas interface of HTML5 adds new life to Web images. Images can be displayed inside a canvas, where they can be integrated with the vector-drawing techniques [more…]

How to Manipulate Pixels with the HTML5 Canvas Tag

With HTML5, you can extract the data of a canvas tag into the underlying pixel data. Manipulating this data gives you extensive control of your image in real time. You can use this data for color balancing [more…]

How to Simulate Multiple Pages with Tabbed Panels

Three Spry widgets — Tabbed Panels, Accordion, and Collapsible Panels — all accomplish similar tasks. You use them to create sections within an HTML page that “open” and “shut” based on user clicks. All [more…]

How to Create a Data Table for Your Website

When you create a table to be used with a Spry Data Set, you should generate a table with sufficient columns for all your fields. It’s easy to add rows to a table in Dreamweaver, so there’s no need to [more…]

How to Create a Mobile-Ready Page in Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver’s jQuery Mobile Starter pages are a good way to quickly generate a mobile-friendly site. The Mobile Starter page creates an HTML5 page with five prebuilt jQuery Mobile data-pages, or sections [more…]

HTML5 Canvas System Interaction: Animation, Audio/Video, and User Events

HTML5 Canvas applications communicate with the host browser for animation callbacks, playing audio/video, and handling user events. This provides a two-way channel between JavaScript code and the browser [more…]

How to Use Core DOM Objects to Manage Application Content

The goal of any JavaScript application is to manage content. This means adding, deleting, and editing the HTML document that holds the various elements that structure and support the content. These objects [more…]

How to Use HTML DOM Objects to Manage Structure

Organizing the information the user sees onscreen into a cohesive presentation using JavaScript is important. The user should see the HTML document structure, but the structure should support the content [more…]

How to Use JavaScript Browser Objects to Manage the Application Environment

JavaScript browser objects make it possible to discover and change the application environment. By knowing where the user has gone, where the user is now, and where you can take the user, you can effectively [more…]

PHP Template Systems

Template systems can reduce the amount of work that you need to do in PHP to make a website. When you make a website, you frequently use the same layout for the entire site. You have a top portion, maybe [more…]

How to Select Elements with jQuery

ost of what you'll do in jQuery happens through selectors. For instance, you'll frequently select a piece of a web page and then have jQuery perform an action on that piece of the page. That action could [more…]

How to Add HTML to a Page with jQuery

jQuery can be used to add HTML to a page. You can add all sorts of HTML, images, just about anything, and completely change the layout of the page using jQuery. Doing so isn't really a good idea, because [more…]

How to Change HTML Elements with jQuery

WThere are a few ways to change already existing HTML elements with jQuery, depending on what you want to change. For example, say you wanted to change the text of the elements in the page that you just [more…]

Basic JavaScript Troubleshooting Techniques

The primary technique for troubleshooting technical problems in JavaScript is to stop. Stop what you're doing and remain calm. Many very smart people falter when things go wrong — and things do go wrong [more…]

Identify JavaScript Problems with Firebug

Alerts and comments work well as troubleshooting tools in JavaScript. However, an indispensable tool for the JavaScript programmer is a tool called Firebug, which is an add-on to the Firefox web browser [more…]

What Is jQuery?

jQuery is a JavaScript library. Okay, that might not make much sense. What's a JavaScript library? A JavaScript library is a collection of code that you use when you want to get access to additional functionality [more…]

How to Install jQuery

There are two ways to use jQuery, either downloaded locally or on a Content Delivery Network (CDN). The local copy is just that, a file that sits within your document root on your server's hard drive. [more…]

How to Add jQuery to a Page

After you have jQuery downloaded or know where to find the CDN-hosted version, you need to reference it in your page. jQuery is just like any external JavaScript file. [more…]

How to Incorporate the jQuery ready() Function

A common problem when programming JavaScript is that the JavaScript program will run before the page is loaded. You can access HTML elements on a page. This means you can also access things like images [more…]

How to Create Simple HTML5 Application Output with JavaScript

When writing applications in JavaScript, you must confront some issues before being really ready for them. It’s a chicken-or-egg scenario — which technique should you address first? That’s how it is with [more…]

How to Create JavaScript Statements for HTML Integration

To be able to integrate JavaScript with HTML, it’s essential for web developers to understand how JavaScript statements work. Here is some essential information to help you work with JavaScript statements [more…]

How to Write Comments in JavaScript for HTML Integration

Comments are an important part of your JavaScript application. While you may easily remember what an application does for a day or two after you write it, trying to figure out what complex applications [more…]

How to Alert Visitors That Your Site Requires JavaScript

Many users are wary of enabling JavaScript support for sites because they don’t want to download a virus or have other bad things happen to their systems. In addition, people have become less receptive [more…]

How to Integrate JavaScript and HTML with Boolean Variables

For web developers, Boolean variables have only two possible values: true or false. Computers need a way to determine whether something is true or false in order to make decisions. The decision-making [more…]


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