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Local Variables in Java

A local variable in Java is a variable that’s declared within the body of a method. Then you can use the variable only within that method. Other methods in the class aren’t even aware that the variable [more…]

Logical Operators in Java

A logical operator (sometimes called a “Boolean operator”) in Java programming is an operator that returns a Boolean result that’s based on the Boolean result of one or two other expressions. [more…]

The Component Model of Enterprise JavaBeans

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJBs) are software components. A software component is a program that runs inside a container. (What’s a container? Read on!) The component provides some unique functionality that [more…]

The Basics of Writing Enterprise JavaBean Code

An Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) is like a mini-program that confers some unique functionality to the application, or container, it runs in. Below are the fundamentals of writing EJP code. [more…]

5 Responsibilities of the Enterprise JavaBean Container

The Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) container is responsible for providing a number of services to your EJB programs. The services the EJB container must provide are enumerated by the Enterprise JavaBean Specification [more…]

Enterprise JavaBeans For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is object-oriented programming. EJB technology streamlines the development process and makes it easy to change and retrofit applications with new features as needed. Before you [more…]

Weird Computer Code

Everybody needs break once in a while. If you're a hard-working student of the Java programming language, you should take time off to look at some programming language quirks — peculiar things you find [more…]

Understanding Classes and Objects

You can never have too many analogies to describe object-oriented programming. This article doesn't define the terms class and object — or even explain the terms [more…]

Using Android Asset Studio

The website Android Asset Studio offers a Java programmer, or any programmer for Android devices, a growing list of utilities to help them create good-looking widgets. [more…]

10 Useful Classes and Interfaces in the Android API

As an Android developer, you don't memorize facts about classes and interfaces in the Android API. Instead, when you write an Android app, you constantly consult [more…]

How to Create a Really Simple Android App

So, you want to see the fundamentals of Android app development in one small example? How about the app that Eclipse creates for you automatically? Too simple? How about adding a button and a menu? [more…]

Turning Standard Oracle Java into Android Java

Here's the scenario: You have a killer app, written in Java. The app runs on the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The app doesn't run on a mobile device [more…]

Commonly Used Java Code

"I have to create an enhanced forstatement. Can someone remind me how to code an enhanced for statement? And while you're at it, how can I catch an exception? Where can I find all that Java stuff quickly [more…]

Java Programming for Android Developers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Android is turning into the open source, Linux- and Java-based, software framework for mobile and portable devices. The Android operating system now powers nearly half of all smartphones in the world today [more…]

What You Need to Start: Java Programming for Androids

Before you can write Java programs for Android devices, you need some software tools. Some tools are necessary; some are optional. Here’s a list of the tools you need: [more…]

Java Programming for Android: Install Software Tools to Get Started

Before you can write Java programs for Android devices, you need some software tools. If you’re an old hand at installing software, and if your computer isn’t quirky, these steps will probably serve you [more…]

Java Programming: Do You Have a 32-bit or 64-bit Operating System?

To write Java programs for Android devices, you have to install Java and the Android SDK on your computer. Java comes in two flavors: 32-bit and 64-bit. The Android SDK comes in the same two flavors, and [more…]

Get the Latest Version of Java

Before you can write Java programs for Android devices, you need some software tools, including the latest version of Java. You can get the latest, greatest version of Java by visiting the [more…]

How to Set Up the Android SDK

The Android Software Development Kit (SDK)includes lots and lots of prewritten, reusable Android code and a bunch of software tools for running and testing Android apps. You get four useful tools in one [more…]

How to Run the Eclipse IDE for the First Time

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a little like a word processor, but instead of composing documents, the Eclipse IDE helps you compose computer programs. [more…]

How to Install Android SDK

When you launch Eclipse, the Eclipse IDE looks on the hard drive for the prewritten, reusable Android code files. (After all, Eclipse uses these files to help you write and run Android apps.) If Eclipse [more…]

Select Which Version of Java to Use with Eclipse

Eclipse normally looks on the computer for Java installations and selects an installed version of Java to use for running your Java programs. The computer may have more than one version of Java, so double-check [more…]

How to Import Sample Programs for Java Programming

To learn Java programming, you can download sample programs to get you started. This import business can be tricky. As you move from one dialog box to the next, you see that many of the options have similar [more…]

How to Create an Android Virtual Device

You might be itching to run some code, but first you must have something that can run an Android program: either an Android device (a phone, a tablet, an Android-enabled toaster — whatever) or a virtual [more…]

How to Run a Canned Java Program

The best way to get to know Java is to "do Java," by writing, testing, and running your own Java programs. These steps prepare you by describing how to run and test a program. Rather than write your own [more…]


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