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Gamestar Mechanic For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The enemies in Gamestar Mechanic always follow simple patterns determined by modifying their settings with the Edit tool. These settings let you set up enemies to work just the way you want in your game [more…]

How to Compose a Meaningful Review in Gamestar Mechanic

When writing a review of someone else's game in Gamestar Mechanic, first and foremost make your review meaningful. The designer should be able to find value in your review, whether by way of specific praise [more…]

Devising a Gamestar Mechanic Lesson Plan As a Teacher

If you're a teacher who instructs by way of the Gamestar Mechanic website, you should understand that your students require a different lesson plan than they do in a basic classroom environment. Game design [more…]

10 Interesting Gamestar Mechanic Sprites You Should Know

Gamestar Mechaniccomes with a number of interesting sprites with multiple abilities, some of which can be quite subtle. To help you get the full value from your Gamestar Mechanic experience, this article [more…]

How to Build a Level in Gamestar Mechanic

Aiming to be a master game designer? Begin with the basics: If you're not sure where to start designing levels from scratch in Gamestar Mechanic, follow these steps to easily make complete levels. [more…]

How to Structure a Game in Gamestar Mechanic

Every game in Gamestar Mechanic is built on some sort of structure. In a maze game, the maze is a structure that connects the various challenges and goals. In a survival game, the structure is created [more…]

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