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Glossary of Terms Used in GameMaker: Studio

Want to speak the language of GameMaker: Studio, but don't know where to start? Here’s a short list of some of the most-used terms in the game development world of GameMaker: Studio. [more…]

Color-Coding for the GameMaker: Studio Coding Window

GameMaker: Studio features a robust coding window in which developers can type code. This coding window color-codes the code, which makes it easier for developers to find functions, variables, and the [more…]

GameMaker: Studio Keyboard Commands

Here are the best keyboard commands GameMaker: Studio has to offer. These time- and energy-saving keyboard combinations are available from the GameMaker: Studio main Project window. [more…]

GameMaker: Studio For Dummies Cheat Sheet

GameMaker: Studio has its own set of terms and vocabulary that may sound familiar to experienced game developers, but if you’re just breaking into the field, it helps to know what all those terms mean. [more…]

GameMaker: Studio Features for Developers and Non-Developers

GameMaker: Studio is a software tool that you can use to make videogames. It’s excellent for both beginners and seasoned developers. Beginners will enjoy GameMaker’s drag-and-drop Actions, while seasoned [more…]

Adding an Effect Action to Your GameMaker: Studio Game

With GameMaker: Studio, you can create video games using simple drag-and-drop Actions. For example, let’s say you made a scrolling shooter game. In that game, you decided to use Sprites [more…]

How to Add Code to a GameMaker: Studio Project

GameMaker: Studio helps developers create videogames for just about any platform. You create Objects through an Object Properties window. Within that window, you can add Events and Actions to define the [more…]

10 Online Resources for GameMaker: Studio

Are you looking for insight into developing your own games with GameMaker: Studio? Here are some resources for information on how to make games with GameMaker: Studio. [more…]

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